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Welcome into the world of Art

This site "Through the eyes of John Baselmans" contains a complete review of 
John Baselmans - Oracle work. 
He was born may 20, 1954, Aalst (Waalre) Netherlands.
His drawings and publications are growing everyday.

His special developed technique, he only masters, is a combination of 
Pen and Ink, Water color, Color/ Black Pencils and Soft Pastels.
This illuminates his drawings with a special feeling and warmth.
He is a absolute master of pendrawing
Since the beginning he is drawing from his heart and soul.
He opens the world's eyes with his human-animals drawings.

Further he has a lot of pages where he shows how drawings are made.
On these pages there will be explained/showed step by step 
how to start and finish a drawing.
His FREE courses and FREE videos are worldwide asked and downloaded.
These free lessons are the start of being a master in your art world 

In the world John lives nothing is for sale, neither his artwork. 
In the world you lives there is a price for each artwork.
John does not believe in making money because Drawing and Sculpturing are his passions.

After he left this world all his work which did not find its way will be destroyed. 
So, his artwork will not be sold after his death. 
Why? Because he believes that his work has to do its work now. 
Not later, so one can make big money out of it. 
Only his books and this website will be still there after his earthly life.

One of his famous phrase is;
"Being human is helping each other".

Enjoy this site

On the web since Januari 1993.

Some important messages

- Please click on the images on the different pages and you get a larger image in a separated box on your screen.
- Because my site has over 800 pages - films - free downloads - free courses - free books the free downloads can take some time because the server can't handle always the amount of people on this website. Thank you for the understanding


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