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I have visited your wonderful site and would just like to thank you for all the free information you put on there for the public.  It is just great information for people like myself who is just a learner and an oldie at that, who more or less has to teach themselves because of lack of resources where I live.  I was just wondering if I could ask you a question - when you do your drawings with the pastel then go on to coloured pencil do you use a fixative on your pastel before you put down the coloured pencil.  I use a few different mediums including coloured pencil and pastel.   I realise you are a professional and if my question is out of place please ignore.
Many thanks
Marl Whiteman

Hello Marlene

If you can see I start with thin pencil lines, followed by thin guide lines in pen and ink. After that I place a thin layer of soft pastels on my paper and spread it out with my
The key is that the layer of soft pastels can't be too thick otherwise the next layer with pen and ink will flow in the pastels.
Later on before I start with my color pencils I can ad more soft pastel colors on the
placed who need them.
After I finished the pen and in part and the soft pastels touch up I work with my color pencils. If everything is on color and in my eyes done, I touch up the complete drawing a little
bit with my pen and ink. But I have to watch out for the thicker parts of soft pastels on my drawing.
I hope this will help you and explain a little bit the way I work.
Please keep creating from your hearth 
and soul.


Dear Sir,
how do you draw white hair 
with colored pencil on 
white background?

Drawing with hair on a white board is 
a matter of a few shades in the 
hair (this with darbk brown and black).
To get the best reasult is it very important 
that you choose  the right 
background (don't leave it compleet white) 
and the rest of the face.
I hope you know now what to do and send 
me the results when you  finished..


      Hi, John, 

      What is duifjes paper?
      The Breathing Art Studio 
Hello Toby

Duifjes paper is made in Holland.
The surface is very hard with a lot of 
It's a perfect paper for pendrawings.
Because its hard you can also work 
with scalpel to make thin white lines 
and correct small mistakes.


I want to know if you work with 
pastels and color pencils together 
on the same work.

Hello Carlos
Yes that is possible
It's a long and not so easy job 
but you get nice results.
The pastels for the color as first layer
and the pencils for the for the details.

With the pen and ink I do the fine details.


Hi john!
I am very lucky today because I find your adress.
I am from turkey and my name is gülçin . (I love van gogh more than my boy friend!)
I want to go fine arts faculty in turkey but its very difficult here! I must study too much.
I want to ask you a question.
have you ever seen a painting called'' old guitarist'' from picasso? I don't know what can I do to see it. can you help me?

hope to see your answer.
see you later...gülçin
The Picture called: 
The old blind gitar player
oil on canvas
92X125 cm
made in barcelona 1903
no date on it .It's in the museum of Poesjki in Moskow on the back are painted the followin title Picasso//called de la Merced 3// piso 2// Barselona
In swiss is a drawing of this work
called 91a made in red color in pencil 26 x 35 cm
signed with Z-32 nr.170,DB-66IX nr 29


Dear John:
Do you do any work with 
water colors like "Rodger Dean"?
You do nice work!!
No, I don't work with watercolor.
I make the drawings with the 
watercolor look with watercolor pencils.


I saw your web site and I am very impressed. I have completed an associate degree in commercial art, but I prefer doing portraits. I was hoping you could tell me how or what is the best way to get started. I have done some design work for the college.I appreciate your time. Thank you very much.

Kim from Longview, Texas

Hello Kim
Maybe a short answer but what you 
have to do is, begin!
Take a pencil and some paper and 
draw everything around you.

Maybe my courses can help you!



I found a link to your website 
and I really admire your artwork.  
I also love to draw, but its weird, 
it really depends on what type of 
mood I'm in.  When I'm in the right 
mood, I can draw extremely good.  
but other times I cant draw.
So do you have any tips? Thanks.

Drawing is not your daily work!
Art is working with your feelings, heart, 
soul and mood.
You see this if you go to the museum
and see artwork together of one artist.
You feel the way he is thinking at the 
time he is working on his work.
Don't be afraid of working with your
mood. I was out of drawing sometimes 
over an month!


How do find out if your designs are

I show people my work to experts 
in that category if the drawing is accurate. With nature drawings I go to our
biologist near my house and show
him my work.
Also I try to find as much as possible photos to work with as reference.


How much research do you need to 
do before you start to design?

First of all I go to my own books
(I have ma small library at home) 
Second I go to our local library
and hope to find more about my 
object at the last I surf on the web
 to find out if I forget something. 
Normally it takes more as a week 
to get all the information together.


On your new portrait of your mother, 
how much of the darks in the eyes are 
accomplished with pen and ink vs. 
darker pencils? 

The pen will be covers about 
pencils for 70% 
The dark of the pencil is not black enough and with pen and ink you can draw the nerves and detail of an eye.


Do you  use bristol for these drawing?

I working on "shulerhammer" 
a paper very hard but  the papermill 
don't excist any more. 
I have to find other thick hard paper.


What kind of colored pencils 
do you combine pastels with?

I work with Caran D'ache 
Color pencils in combination 
with Talens pastels.


Do you use a wax-baxed pencil
like Prismacolor?

The color pencils are aquarell pencils.


Can you draw on top of both 
of these with ink? 
That's what I understood from 
your site.

Yes,I developed a technique where it's
possible to do that.


Do you work from photos?

Most drawings I make from a 
combination of photo's because 
I can't get the details.
Nature drawings and dog I make also on location.


The first important guidelines; 
these are in ink?

Yes, I make the first set-up in thin 
pencil lines after that I begin with thin 
Pen & Ink lines so I can see them
Through the pastel parts later.


Hi John

It is somewhat of a curiosity to me that you work from light to dark, at least in some portions of this piece.
Is this your general practice or is it media and piece specific?
I pretty much go from dark to light.
I would also love to hear how other artists work.

Hello Dan
Thank you for your questions and if 
you know  I always open for good 
questions or critic.
According the question about 
working from light to dark. I think 
you can always make parts darker,
if needed and you will see that later 
in this drawing because at this 
moment some parts are to light.
 If you begin with the darker parts 
you can't make or its difficulty to 
make them lighter.
It's a technique I master from the 
beginning and some artteachers 
thinking a other way! But there are 
people like you they working from 
dark to light and for me its no 
problem I love to see the different 
ways how people working in the 
different media's.


What is a dry point? 
Please explain. 
You mentioned this on your 
latest drawing of the cats.


He Toby

If you dip your pen in the ink the 
whole pen is full of ink.
With a handkerchief I make the pen 
almost dry and with that little bit of ink 
I make these fine lines.
I show that on the page 
Free courses
You see me at work in pen and Ink.


Hi John,I loved the work 
on the house. 
Did you take your own 
Photo of this house? 

From all the objects I draw I make my own 
I want to see the real object and from the place where I think it's the best angle.
I walk always with my Nikon 5000 digital camera and take pictures everywhere.


I have a question though. 
Do you have models for the 
pictures you? 
draw, or do you draw them from a photograph? I have never been able to just sit down and draw something from my head. I have to have a
picture to look at.

I make first sketches of the people I draw  
Normally also the first setup on my paper.
After that I make some photographs and make all the details and work the drawing out.
It's for the person not to do to sit still over 40 to 50 hours
And why if we have the technique.
An other problem is that I work mostly at night till deep in the morning and who want to sit in front for you that time?
From my sketches I get the right impression of the person and feel where I have to put the important lines.


Your drawing is absolutely beautiful! 
It's so wonderfully rich! I was 
wondering, do you ever run into 
trouble (as far as bringing the 
drawing together), finishing one 
part before starting on the other? 
I was always told to start the whole 
drawing and work on the whole 
thing to keep it from looking 


I will try to answer it.
Over 35 years I draw this way.
There were on school sometimes some problems with my teachers because I did not always how they want it!!
Why? Because I draw from inside me.
I try explain; If I start a drawing I placed first my images together in my mind, find some reference and make a set-up of the drawing.
I leave it for a long time (sometime months) on my desk and only look at this drawing.
If I think I'm ready for it I will start the drawing beginning with the eyes.
I have the whole picture already in my head and I have it only draw it on paper!
Yes only!! Because the difficult part is already done in my mind.
That's the reason I don't listening always to my teacher and believe in drawing from your heart and mind.


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