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Because of the big problems I get from providers accusing me for spamming 
I can't send no longer the over 540.000 newsletters!
I place now the newsletter directly on my site.
Thank you for your understanding.
John Baselmans

John Baselmans Newsletter 6 
“Being human is helping each other”
Sixth Newsletter “Trough the eyes of John Baselmans”
At this moment I have reached over 14 million visitors on my site and  this number 
is growing every day.
Again thank you all, you are my engine to go on with this site!!
You know I want to get art by all people, young, old, beginner or artist lover.
“Through the eyes news” February 2007 (Number 6)
1. Complete re-designed website.

2. Website is moved to the United States.

3. “Guest artist” is still growing.

 4. New drawings, new way of seeing this life.

5. Powerdrawings.

 6. Be healthy for the rest of your life.

7. My drawings in 70 steps.

8. What to do in 2007.

9. My first E-Book is out.

 10. New postal stamps.

11. Briefings, the way I see this life.

12. Over 540 pages with information.

13. Suggested links.
1. Complete re-designed website.
At the end of last year I re-designed my complete site.
It was more than 2 years ago I made such a large update.
The last period I was not happy with all these colors.
The colors did not fit with the drawings.
I choose for this chocolate color because it is neutrally and tranquilly to look at my drawings 
in the pages now.
Also my front-page got a full new outlook because my site is more and more informative.
With my writing about life and my new powerdrawings I want to show people what is really
going on around the world. 

2. Website is moved to the states.
As from December 2006 I moved my website from our local provider to a provider in the 
United States.
It was for me a big jump in the world of webhosting. 
I did all the work by myself and so far the people of Lunar Pages are helping me wonderful 
when I have questions or problems. 
It is all new for me but after 7 years I found out that my site can't grow if the provider does not. 
With this moving there will be coming more in the future and my site has now enough 
space to put all artists around the world on it as a guest! 
Thank you Lunar Pages for hosting my site and give me the opportunity to grow.


3. "Guest artist” is still growing.
Incredible, a dream comes true!
Again, thank you all!! All these people together was a dream of mine!
Now I have gigabyte of free space to put you all on my site!
With all their different styles and different works.
The reactions from these artists are also incredible and I’m glad we can help each other.
Beginning or full-time artists are welcome on my site and it’s a free service!
You can see all the artists at the pages;

4. New drawings, New way of seeing this life.
I started the series Human and Animals.
This series is growing more and more because there is so much going on
between Animals and Human!
I believe we can learn from these animals and I can see there is a connection 
between us and them.
This series is getting a lot of talking and writing by visitors of my site.
That is exactly what I want, that people get loose the point of view they have
between human and animals.
More drawings will come in the future and as long as possible I will connect people 
with the nature.

Animals and human

5. NEW!! Powerdrawings.
Since I started to draw I found out that some of my drawings are special for other people.
In the past I helped people and got them back in life so they see life more as an easy place.
It is simple, the drawings are coming straight from my heart, my heart tells a story in that drawing. 
Other people who see that drawing get affection to that typical drawing and so they 
start to see things in another point of view.
So my drawings are helping people to get over with their problems.
Seeing life another way and start over with a complete new point of view.
Powerdrawings are drawings with the power of the Universe.
A Universe what is the home of our soul!

6. Be healthy for the rest of your life!
Sounds strange but it is true, it is possible to be healthy the rest of your life.
I found this out together with my wife and after finding that way of always being healthy we
are doing things you can't imagine.
Most sickness is coming out of yourself, how strange it may sounds but you are the one 
who makes yourself sick!
- That poisoned food, water and everything what you get in stores.
- The way you live and try to solve problems.
- The negative energy you take in you.
This all makes you sick from a small flue to cancer or aids.
It is you who believes in these sick pattern.
Only you!
Read more how you can stop that on the pages;

7. My drawings in 70 steps.
WIP, the most visited pages on my website.
Everyday a lot of schools are going to these pages and show the kids what is possible 
in drawing.
I show there the way I make a drawing
Something kids like and the schools are for hours on my site to observe the different styles.
Daily over 4000 children from schools around the world are visiting these pages.
Now I put a full overview from the first line till the last point of some drawings on my
WIP pages. Over 70 steps where I show children but also you as parent, artist and so on
how I make my drawings.
No mystery, no big deal.
There is no mystery and nothing is secret because art is for everybody!


8. What to do in 2007.
Strange for you maybe but there is nothing I have to do!
Everyday I will see what my heart and soul tell me what to do.
I have a lot of drawings in my head, also some sculptures and I hope to make
them this year.
For me there are no assignments and I don't do any of them because since last year
I believe that drawings must be done by me, not what other people want!
Don't worry I will have enough food to live and the new place I live is perfect for the way 
I want to live with my wife and mother nature.

9. My first E-book is out.
Last year I did a lot of writing.
Writing about art, how to live and how my life is going so far.
I put personal feelings and thoughts on paper so people know the way I see life.
More of that! Because I found together with my wife how to be healthy the rest of my life.
Something I want to share with everybody because in the world of stress and lot of pain
it is necessary people understand that the way we live this life is not the way to live.
So I published my first book what is to get for free.
Yes free because you all need to think about what is going on now with your life.

Please visit my free downloaded books

10. New postal stamps
With redesigning my site I placed also all postal stamps I designed for the Postalservice
Netherlands Antilles
It is now over 180 stamps I made in 20 years and this is still growing.
Last year I designed 2 series and you can see them on the page;

Please visit my Poastal Stamps pages

11. Briefings, the way I see this life
I told you a few lines back I wrote my first E-book.
This is for me the start to let you all know what is really going on in your life.
In my briefings I tell you small stories how I live and how I see life.
Also that YOU are the problem of always being sick.
In these briefings I explain you what is life 
What is going on behind the scenes.
There is no dead, so you think, what is your soul your brain doing and go so on.
There is a lot to learn and I write at least once a week a new point of view of our life.

12. Over 540 pages with information

Incredible, my site has reached now over 540 pages of drawings and people who are 
guests on my site.
The site is growing fast so I'm glad I find more space in the United States to explode 
now a bigger site.
My life will be full of work till my last day and so the site will be growing as long as 
I can draw and write.
I hope I get more response from you in the future about what you think and how 
you see my work.
Everything is welcome and to everyone, all artists and students, my site is yours. 
Send your work and I place it, no costs, nothing, for me it is important  you all keep creating.
Show your work to the world and we will be one big Art site for all artists around the world
Have a great time

OK, I hope you enjoyed this newsletter.
It’s a lot of information about my site and again, all information is welcome and I hope to see 
you soon on my site.
If you have important news, let me know so I can place it in this newsletter or bulletin board.
Keep creating art from your heart!
John Baselmans



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There will be regularly a newsletter placed on this site.
Thank you for being part of our artist family.



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