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"Thank you to all who have shown their appreciation for the large amount of hours we 
put into this site to bring a little joy into the life's of others...."


I found your site through a freebie newsletter 
and was quite impressed with your creative
work (the portraits in particular). 
My name is Valerie Schwader and I am 
president of cjacks, a creativity magazine and 
online community. I say congratulations because 
I would like to award your site with the January 
"Site of the Month" award. 
This award was revoked from another site because
the content was not suitable, but your site is 
terrific - it really embodies the cjacks spirit of 
creativity. Please feel free to display your award
your talent and creativity deserve it! (please do 
consider linking back to us, though). I love how 
your site is entertaining, visually pleasing and 
educational. Keep up the good work.
Again, congrats on a site well done.
Sincerely,Valerie Schwader
Family friendly site
Your site has proved to be eligible for a Family 
friendly site. We have looked at your site and 
very exited about the site index and it's 
Canadian Web Awards!
Canadian web awards
Our professional panel agrees that your site is
everything you believe it is! We are pleased to 
present you with a 2002 Canadian Web Award 
for providing a CANADIAN FRIENDLY, informative 
web site. 
Based on our review of your site we are presenting 
you with a VERYGOOD rating!  
Pen & Pencil Award for Artistic Achievement
Pen & Pencil award
You won the Pen&Pencil Artistic Achievement 
Award for your art as displayed on your website! 
Please accept our award as an encouragement
to continue your excellent work! 
Casey's Coltie Charm
Casey's Celtic Charm Gold Award.
Hello John Baselmans
We have now completed our review of your site 
submission. We are very pleased to present your 
site with the Casey's Celtic Charm Gold Award.
Your effort and dedication shine throughout 
your pages. You are most deserving of many 
accolades, and for making the World Wide Web 
a much better and nicer place for us all. Please
find your award as an attachment. 
We do require that you display the award you've
won on your site. Congratulations on such a fine
Eddie's award of excellence!
Eddys award
Job well done!
The Phoenix Gate Award For Web Page Excellence

Phoenix gate 
You won the Phoenix Gatet Award for
webpage Excellence

Creation Associates Awards
Creation association
Your site has proved to be eligible for a I Award.
Gold award
Pyramids awards
You won the Pyramid gold award for excellence for
your art as displayed on your website!
Thank you for applying for the Warmbells awards,
I have just visited your site and I think that you 
deserve the 'Caring Site' award as you really care 
about your subject and making it interesting to 
Keep on caring,
ASR's Top Site
ASR Total Web Service's Top Site Award.
Hello John,
Your Web Site is considered worthy to carry 
The Prestigious ASR Total Web Service's 
Top Site Award. A Great Site, Definitely a 
Top Site! 




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