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"Thank you to all who have shown their appreciation for the large amount of hours we 
put into this site to bring a little joy into the life's of others...."


Cool site

Hi john
I had a wonderful time viewing your site and
really enjoyed the wonderful talent you have.
Thank you so much for sharing it with me
Thank you again!

Jackys Artic expression award
It is always my pleasure to pass on the
Artistic expression Award to those that
have an exceptional site. I really enjoyed
my visit to your home on the web.
Thank you again and be blessed ...
Dream planet

Dream planet
Hi, John
I have visited your web site and found it to 
meet the criteria of my Award.
Congratulations, you are a winner of one 
of my GOLDEN web awards!
Your site is very well done. I found your 
layout very well put together and the content
very interesting. Great information and lots
to see.
Bearz web

After reviewing your site, we feel that it is
eligible for our 110% Prestige Award.
Your layout looked nice and was easy to
navigate around.
Sites like yours give a 110% to the
World Wide Web.
Thank you for your enjoyable web site,
and please take care. 

Your site has won the
"Design Excellence Award-Silver".
We extend our sincerest congratulations to
you for the hard work you invested in creating
a beautiful web site.
Thanks, Webmaster




A flock of fairies 
Hello, it gives me great pleasure to send you
my Award for your excellent site. 
You have a Real talent there and have 
produced some wonderful work.
Good luck with it - and All the best
from Ananya at A flock of fairies (U.K) 



Excellent Site award 
Your site has met the criteria for the award 
and has won! I found your site is indeed 
excellent and I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. 

Weis-Awards Gold Award.
John your totally passionate commitment to 
what you so obviously love and enjoy shines
through your whole site. It has been such a 
pleasure to stroll our way around and enjoy 
the wonderful CONTENT and DESIGN. 
The USEFUL information you present was 
made more enjoyable by the easy-to-use 
TIME topped off a very enjoyable stay at 
your site. We would be honoured if you would
accept our
Weis-Awards Gold Award.

Deb's Place
Deb's Place is pleased to present your 
wonderful website with the 
Thanks and Congrats!


Excellence On The Web
Absolutely wonderful! Please accept my 
award of Excellence On The Web! If you 
would, Thank you and Congratulations!



Golden star award
Congratulations John! You have done a 
wonderful job on your site, and your work 
is absolutelty beautiful.

Award jasper
Your site has proved to be eligible for a 
'Best Site to Visit'Award.
That means we have looked at your site 
and are both (jasper and owner) very exited 
about the site index and it's information.
Yours sincearelly,
(and owner jolanda who realy loved your 
site!!! and all the things you made!!)
Colege tutors

College tutor award
Dear John,
I loved your site. Some of the posters are 
pretty dark (in mood) I loved the menu.
It's difficult to say anything about someone's 
art. Clearly you are  a consummate graphic 
designer.I feel my little award doesn't match 
the quality of the rest of your site.
Anyway of course it deserves an award. 
Jenny Campbell Teacher librarian/ 




Mom peepers I have just visited your site, 
and I am pleased to announce that I have 
added you to my winners list. 
MomPeepers' Place
Have a great weekend!

Canada graphics               
Your web-site has been reviewed, excellent 
graphics and layout.
Your site qualifies for Canada Graphics 
(excellence of design) Award, 2002
Congratulations on a job well done
The hobby trail

The hobby trail
Your site is one of the chosen few to receive 
this Award. 
This Award signifies that your site contains 
Quality content and has Skillful Design, 
clever graphics and GREAT ART WORK! 
Nice job, Keep up the Great work on your 
web site, From your new Hobby friend
David Donnelly
Here is my Award for your GREAT SITE!


Golden web award 1
through the eyes of john baselmans has 
been reviewed and chosen to bear the 
2002-2003 Golden Web Award.

Halloween horror
Greetings John;
You are so very talented! 
Your family must be happy with you!~lol
Thanks for letting me check out your site.
You have, if you wished, all right stuff to be 
a {sought out} Halloween graphic designer 
hands should consider it. 
It's a very big industry...
I'll be visiting your site again. 
Really lovely work!
Yours Eternally Dead 

Top Site

Top Site Award
Congratulations you won the Top Site Award. 
This award is given to outstanding Web Pages 
and recognizes the hard work that was put into
the development of your web site. 
Your score was as a 90 out of 100. A panel of 
two decided the final results.
Thanks for helping make the Web a more 
interesting, fun and attractive place to visit. 
My compliments on a job well done! 
Best of the web

Diamond award best of the web
Hello ,
Your site review has been completed. 
Sites are judged based upon overall 
appearance, speed, navigation, use 
of technology and quality of content. 
We also take into consideration the
amount of time and effort that goes 
into developing a web site and like
to award your efforts.
We found your site to offer our 
Internet Community a great service.
Again, Congratulations.
Warmest Regards,
Midwest Gems Corporation 
Review Team




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