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Comments Curacao exhibition drawing No 6 2004

John,  Very inspiring painting.  Makes me realize how very important good drawing is.  
When I do oils I often just start in with the brush. 
Maybe I should draw more first.  Your detail is great.

Hi John , you have created yet another
masterpiece , as always your work is wonderful,
keep drawing my friend.

I absolutely love your work, and really
enjoy seeing how it comes about, step by step.
Amazing, when I looked at this piece one picture
at a time and you said it was missing something,
the first thing I thought of was it needed a dog.
And then, you put one in! It's a wonderful
picture, as are all of yours.  You are truly
blessed with talent.

John your work is just so fascinating to see unfold, and the colour is so
rich.  Glad you gave that lady a dog, it worked.
Barbara W

John! I love this piece! The colours are just perfect and the detail is inspiring. :o)

That picture is beautiful!  I love how you showed all the stages!  
Oh man I'm so excited now after seeing this to start school!  
You see I'm going to start going to an Tech & Desing school and learn animation in July!  
I so can't wait to start doing art again!  Thanks for the insperation!  
Keep up the good work!

John your watercolor is just wonderful...what talent you have and so
beautifully displayed. I particularly liked seeing each step as it was

Me encanto la secuencia !!! la puse en
Por que no haces un libro de tecnicas, con todas
las secuencias de diferentes cuadros??
I am charmed with the sequence!!! I put it in
For that you do not do a book of skills, with all
the sequences of different pictures??

John, I am impressed!  Your work is a good
motivation for me to get drawing. lol.  The detail
in the tree is amazing.  Thank you for sharing it
with us.

wonderfully done John..... I feel the atmosphere
in this one also.....
great :)))

It is a wonderful drawing, John! 
I had wondered about the pipes in the right hand side of the drawing.....wondered
what they were for until I saw the fencing and they suddenly made sense. 
(very tedious detailed work on that fencing.).I also like the addition of the woman's hand 
and cane, she's more balanced with it. 
It's been a pleasure watching this one come to life.

Very very nice work, John :)
the watercolor makes it a soft view, and brings
out much feeling.

Beautiful work, John!  Thanks for sharing!  I really like the process shots... 

When I get some time I want to view John's
inspiring site a bit more.  Lately I have been
working so many hours,  I don't have time to wipe
my posterior....  (being facetious of

I was just blown away by your work! I've never seen artwork in progress like
that. I look at the details of your leaves, etc... just don't know how you do it!
I'm trying to teach myself how to draw. I know it takes a lot of practice...
but adding the colors, etc... wow! I'm SO impressed!!
Thanks for sharing!

John....I just visited your site!  Awesome work! 
My 16 year old daughter is
a really good scetch artist but wants to do some
color pencil drawing.  Your
works in progress are an great set of tools!
Thanks! AB

It really is breath-taking! Great work!!
I really enjoy seeing your pieces!

Wow John! This painting really gives you a good feel of the environment.
I love all the detail.

This is so peaceful and alive John.  Wonderful work!
Keep On Creating!

John, this is fantastic! Why did you decide to use add water to your 
watercolor pencils for the house. Was there a special effect that 
you were trying to achieve? Toby

Wow John! This painting really gives you a good feel of the environment.
I love all the detail.

Hey John,
I was very pleased with the results for Wip2. Thank you for sending it to me. 
I was wondering...where do you get your ideas from? Do you use life or books? 
Or do you just come up with your paintings as you go? Just curious. 
The painting looks like its in an old part of town. The tree is my absolutely favorite part, 
because its so lifelike. Anyways thanks again.
Your fan, Angela

Great job John. You are working like wildfire on these pieces.

Your work is absolutely amazing! Wow. 
You are exceptionally talented. Thank you for sharing.

Did I already post about this one? I can't remember. This is my
favorite. When I seen the tree, that is all it took. I wanted to reach
up and touch it. But the total effect is stunning.

I so enjoyed looking at your drawing of the woman and scenery you showed step by step.
I do decorative and painting and have tried my hand at sketching . 
not very successfully.
You are very lucky to have had such a wonderful relations background in all forms 
of art and music.
Hollie Webster- North Carolina USA

John,yes ,another beautiful work of yours.I love to see the progress part,unimaginable.
Keep going champ!!

Hi John,
Your work always leaves me speechless.....Another great job!!!!!  
I love your trees.
Ricky 8-)

This is excellent-so vibrant and alive-I love it when you explain the progress 
in detail and how you did it
Thanks for sharing

That is just incredible!! :) It is just full of detail and life! 

This is a really beautiful drawing. I love the how you've sculpted
the tree and I especially like the little dog following his mistress
and the colours and the two little birds sitting on the wire....oh, everything!!!

I love your work!!! 
I belive that your work is extremly inspiring and beautiful!! 
Thank you for sharing your talents... good luck, i wish you nothing but happiness 
and good fortune!!

Your detailed work gave me a strong impact. Your ability to see is a gift. 
Like you I am an artist and I teach art in school. 
I am able to relate to your two quotations, but how I wish I could drive this 
home to my students. Maybe you may help me by giving me some of your tips 
on how to inject passion into these pupils.

John this is coming on brilliantly - just been for a visit to Curacao! I
have tried the watercolour pencils and I enjoyed using them, but never got
the richness of colour that you have here. Never got the quality of drawing
either, but I have a long long way to go yet!
Barbara W

I think that this is going to be one of my favorites, 
John......although they all end up being favorites of mine. LOL

Great work, I always admired those who could work so well with a pencil - 
not one of my strong points. I do almost all my drawing with a brush. 
Most of the work I do now is Acrylic Watercolor, where I use acrylic on watercolor paper. 
Down side is, Im using fine watercolor brushes and have to spend as much time 
caring for the brushes as I do on painting....have a good one...jerry
It looks great John! 
You sure are a productive artist, too.

You will have a really nice exhibit with all of these paintings!
They are all good, too!

Your site is very wonderful and I enjoyed every moment keep up the good work.
Just spent the last few minutes looking over and admiring your wonderful work. 
I'm very impressed with your shading, color and the vibrancy of your work.
 I've been doing colored pencil drawing for a few years, mostly portraits, 
and certainly have a lot to learn. 
I've sent your web site onto a few of my colored pencil friends. 
I'm sure they'll love it as well.

Its a great work of looks real and eye catching. tree is dense and looks shady.
i am sure end result  will be good.

You're artwork is outstanding. It looks so lifelike because of how impressive the detail is. 
Keep on painting, thats were your talent is.:)

Your work is just outstanding!  I really enjoy the idea of seeing the work as it progresses.
Hope all is better with you at this point in your life.
Thanks again, so much, for sharing.

 I always enjoy going along with the starting picture and seeing 
how you add your colors and talent until the piece is finished.
It is really very special seeing Curacao through your eyes.

John thanks so very much for letting us see your work area and you as well.
It is great to put a face to the artist!!!
Keep On Creating!

HI John,
I visited your site, and what an interesting place to live I must say. 
You are certainly able to capture a feel of the way of life that you have there.
Best wishes with your work.
Jennifer Pratt

I like the beginning of this pic, John. I can't wait to see this one progress. 
You always make it look so easy. Toby

Oh wow John this is going to look great. I am glad to see you took some restful time off, 
before working again.

How wonderful it is it will be great when it gets finished  Love all of your work..

Hello John what a pleasant surprise to see your drawings from Curacao.... 
I lived on the island from 1935 to to 1952 and went to school with one of the
known artists Wim de Waal..... I competed against him several times when we were
young :))
You do really nice work I am impressend

Looks like a great start. :O) I can't wait to see how this one turns

Lots of details in this one, John! 
As usual I'm going to enjoy watching the process of it coming to life.

It's looking so good John, as always!! :) Can't wait to see it finished :) 

Looks good John- It really amazes me how you work so fast-do you do all of of your 
drawing freehand  and i was wondering if you do any of it on site-plein-aire 
so to speak or do you just take photos to work from in your studio- Just curious 
--awesome talent-

it's promising to be excellent. I looked through all your other wips and was
amazed how you can take a drawing with a simple sketch on it and create a
beautiful, vibrant scene full of life and character. You really do incredible


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