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Special Girl

NAME: Rosalie Ferry
MESSAGE: Looking great John..will keep looking for more.

NAME: Hans Koudenburg
MESSAGE: When this portret is finished, I will try to make one. That will be my first ever!
This step by step demonstration works inspiring. I save each step in a file for reference. 
Thanks!  Regards Hans.

NAME: maiax
MESSAGE: i'm not very good at drawings though when younger, i use to dabble with 
sketches using pens or pencils.  now i think i'm too old for it though sometimes i get 
the pang when i get lonely and would want to get my hands or mind busy - drawing
is a good past time.  i like it that you have a step by step tips on the how tos of drawing.

NAME: Karen Hendrickson
I love pointillism....this is a beautiful piece.
Thank you for sharing. Karen (dt2)


Hello John. I like the start you have on this one. Her eyes are 
so wide open and full of life. I like the stipple technique you have 
used to get the shading in the eye area.
Keep On Creating! Vincent

Looks good so far. Are you doing the whole portrait in pointillism?

This will be a very interesting drawing to watch. Pointillism fascinates me and
i'm glad you're posting this wip. I'll be watching ! 

John,Will be interesting to see how B&W pointillism "works up" in this piece.
Have only seen it done in colour, for portraiture, previoiusly.
:o ) Shelly

Nice start on this John, I like the close up of the eyes. I like your use of
pointilism for the shading around the eyes.Larry

NAME: Hans Koudenburg
MESSAGE: Thanks again for sharing this expirience with us.
I am getting more and more motivated to 'jump' into portrets myself!

John, thanks for this wonderful detailed WIP. I've always loved the look of pointillism 
and I am learnig so much by watching this one develop. Do you always work with a dip pen ?

it is looking great. I love your technique.

NAME: Rosalie Ferry
MESSAGE: John, you amaze me..this is fantastic.
That takes lots of patience. Beautifully done sir.

Wow John this is really coming along nicely and is so powerful, I can feel it.
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

Yep, it works, and the portrait is progressing very well. It doesn't look like you have 
done much yet the face is there, very 3D!

John, the posting did work. The drawing looks great. Keep On Creating! Vincent

NAME: Barbara Curtiss
MESSAGE: She's looking great, John!

NAME: Patricia Taylor
MESSAGE: Another incredible picture!  I especially enjoy seeing you put together faces 
with pencil and pastels.  Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful work.

NAME: Hans Koudenburg
MESSAGE: I made a slideshow of your progress. Thanks, it is very inspiring. I will start
portrets with pencil on paper. And when this is working....... yessss! than I will try it also the
way you showed us.

MESSAGE: John, this is beautiful work.  The pointillism is very effective.  Thanks for
sharing Julie from DT2

Beautifully done John. I love the look you achieved with the soft pastel background and the 
pen and ink. I can't wait to see "Lion King" Your animal/human drawings are always 

NAME: Christine Hansen
MESSAGE: I learned of your work through the art-e-zine-cafe list, and I am really in awe of
your wonderful talent. The care and energy that you put into each of your works is obvious, and
the folks who collect your work are lucky indeed. Bright blessings, Chris Hansen

this has turned out great but the added background has really completed the drawing.

NAME: -james Von
MESSAGE: I have seen much better from you john.
The high lights are to clean--bright. The hair is
under played. The crease on the neck is somewhat
distracting. Take care  James 

NAME: Marilyn Witt
MESSAGE: John, How great and helpful to see all the steps in your portrait drawing.  
The pastel background is very effective.  Thank you.  Marilyn Witt

John, again, this is so powerful, and the background agrees! Lion King, I 
look forward to that!!!!!
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

NAME: Diana Ryman
MESSAGE: Pretty Amazing John!  And thank you so much for sharing your step by step 
process.  I find I shy away from drawing people because I always worry I won't get them right.  
Seeing your process makes it look a bit more approachable! 
I'll have to give it another try!

NAME: Patricia Taylor
MESSAGE: Somehow, and what do I know, I do not like the girl's mouth.  
Too much gum tissue on top.


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