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NAME: Hans Koudenburg
MESSAGE: Dag John... Weer heel iets anders deze manier. Ik neem aan, dat je wel eerst een
potloodschets hebt gemaakt?? Ik zie dat je de zelfde soort tekenpennen gebruikt als ik.
Succes en ik blijf kijken... Hans Koudenburg

This will be fun to watch. What kind of pen are you using? Ink?

John this is going to be fabulous! I love how you have shown each step. 
What type of pen is that you are using?
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

I love the WIPS, John. It's fun to see your technique & how you hold the pen.

Hi John, wow ! this should be really neat, I'm watching and waiting for more.

Great demonstration so far John!  Can't wait to see the finish piece :) Carol

NAME: Rosalie Ferry
MESSAGE: Fantastic..I never knew how you did those watching; and learning. 
Thanks John.

Hi John, thanks again for sharing your WIP's. I love watching and can't wait to see 
more of your fabulous work. Cindy

This is an awesome WIP project you have undertaken. I am really enjoying every step.

WOW this is really interesting to watch you work John, next it will be a video.  
I really like how this is coming along, and it helps to understand it.  
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

Wow! Looking awesome and what a wonderful demonstration John! Are you having 
someone take the photos for you or do you have a tripod set up to take yourself!

John, thank you for taking the time to share the small steps in your work.  
The detail images reveal the emotion your work.  This is a very powerful piece and 
I am sure that it will be a favorite of many.  
Keep On Creating!

John, I found it interesting to see all the pictures you took while  working on this drawing 
each day. The detail in this drawing is excellent.

John, this is truly an amazing piece. It's so informative to see such a detailed WIP.

John, I am just beginning to use colored pencils. 
A lot of what I read says to make sure your pencils are very sharp. 
I notice you use a blunt point on your pencils. Is there a benefit to doing it this 
way or is it just your personal preference ?Beautiful work as always.

Awesome job John. The WIP was wonderful too.

Bravo, John! Another great one! Your wonderful step by step photos and explanations 
were so clear and easy to understand that they made me feel as though even I 
could try this......and I can't draw!

Hi John, thanks so much for sharing your technique it's fascinating. I love watching your WIP, 
the Ra-M-an is beautiful... .... wow !

Excellent work

Superb John. Love it.

Wow, that ram man is interesting!

An interesting series of drawings John, have you done anything like this 
using Painter?

John, you make me laugh.
"a little bit lazy" is an answer that I would give but I didn't expect it from you :)
Thanks for your thoughts on pencil points and congratulations again on a beautiful drawing.

Hi John,
Your drawing is amazing! Thanks for posting it.
Judy Decker

Awesome job! Wonderful colors and detail and I love the composition. Really 
enjoyed watching the wip/demonstration.

Hi John:
Wow-your skills are so impressive! What an incredibly detailed picture, and
so lifelike. Congratulations on finishing such an intensive project-you did
a wonderful job!
Chris in OlyWA

John, that it most definitley one of THE most incredible drawings I 
have ever seen!
Congratulations.And would mind if I include your saying on my blog?
Creating my own reality!
http://bigsispat. blogspot. com/
Pat MacMicken

Joh, that it most definitley one of THE most incredible drawings I 
have ever seen!

Such talent

Oh boy, oh boy. 
Are those wonderful. I can't find a big enough adjective.
Glenda Bailey

John, so magnificent, this is! So magnificent!
Suzanne Reh-Faraca

I also love seeing the process of your work, John. Now, why do you choose to 
draw the combination of a human & animal head? 

That's amazing, John. 
Thanks for sharing it with us.
--Diane Taurins

Beautiful detail; keep up the good work;looking forward to seeing more of your work

This is so phenomenal!! I've never seen anything like it!! I've always wanted to learn to 
do something like that. You have extreme talent!

Thank you for sharing your work it is truly amazing and wonderful!!! you have a true 
God given talent!! I am in awe with the breathtaking work you create so effortlessly!! 
thanks for sharing!!!
Hugs Linda

That is amazing.  I love see work in progress.  It makes me appreciate the end 
result because I know what went into the work

name: Linda Mills
drawing: Ra-Man
comment: wow, what patience. Its nice to see someone who doesnt expect instant results! 
So many artist's want a master piece in an hour. Your work is wonderful and original. 
I noticed  a lot of your work incorporates intertwined man and animal.
I would like to hear about your inspiration for your beautiful works of art. 
What kind of paper do you use? I will bookmark your site, thank you for sharing your art. 



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