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oh my what a talent. 
This piece just takes my breath away.
Thank you so much for showing your process. 
That was so very interesting. Amazing. I am in awe. 
Can't say any more than that lol. Well done. Hugz, Scary

name: O.P.Joshi
drawing: Mauneck
comment: Technique has been explained in veryclear way. Congratulations
note: Your method of teaching is very scientific.

name: t v ramagopal
drawing: maunck
comment: fantastic. a tutorial for learners. excellent

name: corry Stuart
drawing: Maunck
comment: Love the way you displayed the progress
of your work John .... It truly is inspiring

name: Joy McKenzie
drawing: Maunck
comment: Absoloutely Fantastic
note: Your WIP is wonderful and must be so te consuming but
 it was all worth while..thanks for sharing
suggestion: My suggestions...please show me more of your wonderful art work
tip: I cannot give you a tip as your works is pefection

name: Daniel Shouse
drawing: The one demonstrated here.
comment: Very powerful stuff, John. Very powerful indeed.                      

I like so much, your newest drawing "Maunck", it is great, congratulations!.
 Nurhilal Harsa

October 23, 2007 
name: Hans Koudenburg
drawing: All
comment: I am very interested in your new technic.
Be sure I will follow the progress. Thanks for
sharing it with us. Hans

name: Joyce
comment:Thank you so much for sharing your process with us. 
The final painting conveys wondrfully the character of person you are depicting. 
You have a lot of patience doing your work.

name: Frank
drawing: maunck
comment: very nice work impressive

name: Mary
drawing: Maunck
comment: EXCELLENT!

Thank you for describing your technique -- one I'd like to try. I'd
love to see your work, but the link is not complete.

name: Karen Hendrickson
drawing: Maunck
comment: Exquisite, John, your best yet.

name: Phyllis
drawing: portrait of Mauch 
comment: A truly beautiful piece of work, your patience is admirable.
note: Thank you for sharing the step process,
it's always interesting to see how an artist thinks.
name: Claudia Croneberger
drawing: "Maunck"
comment: Beautiful!

name: Janice
drawing: Maunck
comment: Great work John, I enjoyed following you on this one.
I always look for what u will come up with next.

name: Vincent D. Whitehead
drawing: Maunck
comment: John, this technique has definitely worked out well for you and I love the life you have 
built into this piece.                     
The texture and depth is fantastic. 
Thank you for sharing your step-by-step work!
note: Thank you for your time and effort to share your talent with those here.

name: Hans Koudenburg
comment:Just amazing! 
The final result is so good! 
This man has a story to tell!!!! I am downloading every picture and will make a powerpoint 
presentation of it (first I have to learn how that works) 
When it is finished I will send it to you.Greetings from a sunny and warm Rota (Spain) Hans

Great Job!

name: Vikki
drawing: Maunck
comment: Very impressive attention to detail and shading.
Kudos on your amount of patience

Paint PL

The process and the final piece are mesmerizing. I need to go back and
study each step. Thanks,

Very powerful work, John. Very powerful indeed.
Daniel Shouse

Really fascinating, John! What is the end product? 
What do you do with your intesive drawings like this? 
Are they turned into prints, originals going to galleries, what?

it's a very impressive drawing. i like you already.

Painters International

Brilliant piece of work John, thx for the WIP, it was a great insight. Wishing
you well in the future, Jody ( www.jricciart. com )
What a magnificent and dramatic, mixed-media drawing-painting!
Each part of the painting is a study in itself.

Portrait Drawing

a terrific piece of art, John! so many steps and so many billions of lines
to make it real... patience, patience! the combination of media works
beautifully. wonderful work!

This is absolutely incredible.. .!!!! WOW!

I thought so too. it's very very good. :)

Pastel Painters

Thanks for sharing your work & processes. 
As always, it's a pleasure to see the great work that you do along with the steps
PLUS all the work you do to upload it to the internet. 
The true artist, in my eyes, is experimenting, learning & sharing.......;o)). Thanks!

Amazing work John!! It's nice to see all the steps as you worked.


Can you provide any verbal details about the beard process?
Was it fine pen & ink drawing of the negative spaces between each of the beard
What inspired this composition?
Peace & Light,
David D.

I looked at your website and I must say I am very impressed... Thank you
for sharing with all of us...It is so nice to see the progression. ..I
also had a chance to check out a few of the other paintings on your
site.. truley amazing..... ...It must take you hours upon hours to
finish one painting.... have a wonderful talent...

Fabulous work, but a very scary face!
Mary Smith

Joyful Art

Very cool John.  
I am looking forward to following this work along.  
Thank a bunch for sharing it with us as you go.

This is really amazing. Seeing the steps is a good learning experience.
Thanks for posting the link!
Sarah S.

Thank-you John for the clear images of your progress.
It shows us the detail that you put into your work and posting it all on
your website must add a lot of time for you. 
We appreciate the effort and I'm sure we all learn from your example.

Re: The storm is gone
Oh, and your work is coming along wonderfully. Looks to bean excellent piece. 

John, this new piece is fantastic. I love the depth and the texture. 
I think you have found a new technique that will work for you much more in the future.
Keep On Creating!

Hi John,
thanks for the link to your Maunck image. It's an incredible piece of
work and must have taken great patience - especially since you did the
photos as you went along.

Everydays Matter

That's incredible work;

WOW WOW WOW Amazing work! Glad I got to see all the steps!

Matrix in art

Looking good already, John I'll be following it along as comes to life.

Drawing Together

Oh good, wrinkles! :o ) 
Such character on this, it looks like so much fun to work on.
Will look forward to updates and insight on how this technique is working for you.

John, this looks like a wonderful start. I'm already liking the eyes on

John, can't wait to see the updates. Interesting technique.

It's interesting to see those lines coming to life. Once you see that
face developed you wouldn't say it started with 'just' those lines.

One question: how do you keep your paper flat? 
If I would try such a thing (I mean the washing or any other method that 
makes the paper wet), the paper would curl. And as far as I can see, 
your paper doesn't. So, what's your secret?

I am glad you are ok and that you made it thru the storm ok. 
Your WIP is amazing just as the rest of your artwork. 
This drawing has so much character, Its amazing how the 
drawing transforms from the first step to the last.
Diane C

Oh John, I tried again tonight & it worked. 
Don't know  why the link didn't work. 
Anyway, interesting image...kind of scary. 
You did a great job!!! Love
seeing your wips.

John, this is fabulous work. I love the details and how you show all
of your WIPs. The colors just enhances the drawing even more. 
I look forward to seeing your next project.

ooo loved seeing all the steps- it looks great! - thanks for sharing

Great job, John. It looks like the background is glowing & light is coming
from the face.

Very interesting, John...
Jennifer, and thanks for the progression. ..

Your work is exceptional. I really like the style of art that you do. 
It has much character and depth.
Diane C

Artists WhoSurvive

John, Maunck is going to be a treasure. Are the pencils colored? 
I can't wait to see more. I may order some of those pencils for my daughter. 
The water solublecolors look wonderful. 
What is the difference in their 120 pencils and their 40 or 80. 
Is that the number of pencils one gets or a way of classifying different types?
I downloaded their brochure, but am still confused. I am going to artist supply warehouse 
and see if they carry them. Cathy

Pen Drawing Specialist

Hi john, Hopefully we'll have our internet working by the
start of next week. I am looking forward to studying your
work. I started a pen and ink with colored pencils last
week. I can't wait to try it with the watercolor as well.
Keep sending me ideas to try I am really interested. Thank
you, Brenda -- Brenda Slaughter

Art Techniques

Your work is absolutely stunning and belongs in a gallery!! 
hanks for sharing your art and a piece of yourself with us!!

This is Amazing! and I love the technique you used. I would think that
a piece like this would take a tremendous amount of patience. Well
Moon Willow

Portrait Drawing

Sweet! Love the work there!

Very interesting John..
I always love looking around your web site..always learns something new!

Art Education

Hi John,
Thanks  for sharing this wonderful drawing with us.
Judy Decker

Draw for fun2

Hey, John, thanks for posting.
I've been trying to load my favorite art software into my computer...I
think I may have finally succeeded.



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