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Comments "Iguana Man"


Wow! You are incredible!

Drawing together

He really is good John. one day i will try to do the mixed media, i love to
try new things and new ideas too. you never did tell me where you got the
idea from for these pics. i know you are going to do a series of them but,
again where did the idea originate for them?

Pencil and pastel - my old joys!  
Though my hands and my eyes refuse now to cooperate in the hours once spent in this way, 
I can still feel the lovely scratching of the pencil and the smooth coverage of the pastel
 - the near-magic development of another reality.  Your drawing took me time travelling, 
and along with you I felt the growing image.  How joyous!
I am curious, though - the eyes ... in each (the photo of what I suppose are your eyes, 
and the eyes of Iquanaman) the eyes are the same:  dark, laughing, dancing, deep-set, 
with laugh/squint lines forming between the strong brows.  I can't help but think both are 
yours, whether formed from long moments studying your own reflection (lots of self-portraits 
are required to get to the level of skill you demonstrate in your very humanistic portrayal here), 
or in actuality that both sets are your own, either by logical extension of present features, 
or of the accretion of experience and time.
Anyway, I loved accompanying you in your drawing and delicious development of color, 
fantasy, and image.  Continue!
Michele SK

Wild_Art Yahoo group

WOW!!! That is really incredible it's fascinating to see how you completed 
the drawing step-by-step, and howeach new detail made it come alive even more. 
You must devote massive amounts of dedication to your work and the results
are sure something to be proud of. Fantastic!!! 
Are you officially submitting it to the club because if you are, I would be
thrilled to have that win as the cover pic we have anon-going contest here 
where we pick a new pic that we deem the best picture to be place on 
the front page of the group. Let us know what you think!

Creative Artist Yahoo group

that's wonderful! he looks like a shaman.
Beautifully done!!

I enjoyed your drawing very much, what depth you have, continue your
wonderful work. I could see the feelings coming out in the man, from a
Iguana there is hope for all man kind. Very profound work of art.

I usually do not try to comment on too much, but I have been following your
progress when you send in sketches to the site, but I was truly moved by
your immense talent.  I also paint, but you truly have a God given talent,
please keep up your very good work.

Wilderart Yahoo group

Congratulations! you must have taken a long time doing this piece. 
My only comment is that the man's face has so much strength and has 
so much going on (a whole story in itself) that I feel the iguana
detracts from it. Albeit the details of the iguana are terrific, I just
think I'd enjoy the man's face more without iggy. 
I encourage you to continue to draw---you've got a good eye. 
Maybe a whole series on this particular theme? 
Man/Iguana (or other reptiles)
Candice in Santa Cruz

People Drawing People Yahoo group

my only suggestion is...
stand in front of a mirror and say about 200
thousand times this piece is incredible i rock 
ok let's try that together...

The Pastel Painters Yahoo group


As always you amaze me with your attention to detail! and I'm really amazed by the lifelike 
quality you captured with the pastels! You show a great deal of patience in your work!
Plein Air info:

ArtisticAnatomy Yahoo group

Dear John
Thanks for sharing your drawing and its development. 
I am sure we all enjoyed it very much. Terrific!!
You are very talented.
Great Job!

Starving artists gallery Yahoo group

I have to tell you I really like your Igana man. 
I really like how you textured the iguana and the way you shaded the man.
Adding color to the iguana really transformed the space.                        
Great Job!

Animal Artwork Yahoo group

Cool John,
That piece is really trippy . . .
I could see it as a Carlos Santana Album

The detail and imagination that went into this piece are incredible!
Thanks for sharing the process too. 
How did you come up with this idea? 
I love to see how things are done.

Draw for Fun Yahoo group

yes you did John!!! that is perhaps the best scale rendering i have 
ever seen in pastel and CP! excellent work my friend! 
BRAVO!!!! P                       

Pastel-painters Yahoo group

The drawing is wonderful, John

Pen_drawing_specialist Yahoo group

Wow! What an amazing picture!                       
colored pencil artists
Congrats!!!! Very Nice Work John.

Hello, John,
this is an amazing piece. Is it for your own gallery
or is it a commissioned piece. I can tell it's something personal  to your heart.
I love your use of the anatomy of the iguana to sketch in what 
untimately won't be seen (jaw structure) And your use of pastels  is something to be admired. 
You've made me want to spend the day at the drawing board.

Artistsjournals2 Yahoo group

Awesome, John! Thanks for sharing!

I agree!
John, I love how you take photos of your works in process and 
put them up on your website with working/tutorial commentary.
I especially love your kids section...

De-lurking for a moment to add my cheers to John.
Not only are your drawings amazing John, lots of your captions 
to the drawings make for wonderful journal prompts on their own To whit:

Yes. The man is finished.
Beginning the Iguana.
...first details...
...the finishing touch.

Thank you, John! 
and for those of you who may not have popped over to take a look 
here is the url again.
Judy Christie


That is absolutely amazing. I looked over your process and I still 
don't know how you managed to make that iguana look so photo-
realistic. Anyways, all in all, it's a beautiful illustration. I'm 
very impressed!



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