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John Baselmans

Born; May 20, 1954
Waalre, the Netherlands
I am a artist who attended the "Graphic  School" and "The Free Academy" in the Netherlands.
 Afterwards I attended several drawing courses 
such as Airbrush and Architectural Rendering in the U.S.A. 
My drawings are unique and have been well received around the world.
In my  career I have created thousands of drawings and illustrations.                    
 I have designed more than 200 postal stamps for the Post Office of the Netherlands Antilles.
 I have presented my artwork in more than 50 exhibitions world wide.

Website information:
My "Complete website in art" is visited by over 14 million people last years.
Schools, teachers, artist and most important children 
visited the 532 pages with drawings, information and work.
You will find several styles that will certainly interest you.
I have one goal in my life: "Make a better world with art"


My drawings are no longer FOR SALE but you can own them 
by send me a mail with your reasonably offer.


John Baselmans1


John BAselmans2


"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".

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<font face="Arial" size="2"><a href="">
Through the eyes of John Baselmans</a><br>
My &quot;Complete website in art&quot; is visited by over 13 million people last years. Schools, Teachers, Artist and most important
Children visited the 550 pages with drawings, information and
Work In Progress. You find for sure several styles that will certainly interest you.</font>
Images of my newest drawings are
also available.
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