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Peter Jean Caley

Guest 296

Guest 297


New Zealand Bell Bird.
Oil on Canvas


Guest 298

Ko Mauria.
Portrait Mauria is a very 
special person as her greatest 
wish was to have her Portrait 
done and through it send the 
message of love and unity.
Oil on Canvas 
24" by 30"
Guest 299


New Zealand
South Island "Tom Tit" 
( Black and white)
Oil on Canvas



Linda Shields

Guest 300


Web site:

or call her at:
St John, kansas


Guest 301



Guest 302



Guest 303




Guest 304

"Leaving the Nest" 
"Common Loons"

Virginia Haines

Web site:


Guest 305

"White River Eagles"


Guest 306

"Arkansas Barnyard"


Guest 307

"Boy Fishing"


Guest 308




Guest 309

"Angel Pin"
Torch fired formed Plique A Jour. Wearable Metal Sculpture. Brass/copper, blue glass head, white glass wingss.

Jeff Wesley

Web site:


Guest 310

Blue/green glass Butterfly
Large torch fire Plique A Jour garden sculpture: Welded brass/copper, 23cm wings with mixed glass.


Guest 311

"Blue stool"
Abstract Mixed media found art sculpture: welded brass/copper and lampwork/fused glass mounted on painted stool.


Guest 312

Torch fired formed Plique A Jour. Wearable Metal Sculptures. 3 examples.


Guest 313

Mixed media: welded-painted steel with copper enameled ladybugs, fused glass marble flower; mounted on sandstone.



Guest 314


Guest 315

'Night Lilies'


Guest 316

'Flowers to Heaven' 


Guest 317

'Four Miles Out'


Guest 318

'Setting Sail' 



Guest 319

Artist: Rosalie Ferry

The Drawing Hand Studio
Website http://rosaliesartwork.


Guest 320



Guest 321




Guest 322


Guest 323




Guest 324


Artist: Arnaud Pirotte

Jeune photographe belge de la région ardennaise. La photographie de la nature alliée au soleil est ma passion. Je me définis avant tout comme un artiste. N'hésitez pas à aller visiter mon site. capteurdelumiere/


Guest 325



Guest 326


Guest 327



Guest 328






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