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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".


Guest 459

Artist: Damian Alexandru E-mail:


Guest 460


Guest 461


Guest 462


Guest 463



Guest 464


Artist: Robert Muts E-mail:


Guest 465

"Christmas card"


Guest 466



Guest 467



Guest 468




Guest 469

Oil on Hard Fiberboard, 
54x39cm 1996

Artist: Heinz Sterzenbach born in
Marialinden in Rheinisch-
Bergischer Kreis.
Influenced by his parents
(mother: musician, father: painter, teacher) 1958 - 1961 Web site:


Guest 470

"Blue Gorge"
oil on canvas
100x70cm 1996


Guest 471

"Berlin-Panorame Charlottenburg"
Egg-Tempera/Oil on Canvas
100x120cm 1994


Guest 472

"Impenetrable 4"
oil on canvas
90x90cm 1995


Guest 473

"Jewish Community-Center'
Egg-Tempera/Oil on Canvas
60x80cm 1994



Guest 474

"Autumn sunset"

Artist: Edith Harris Web Sitel:


Guest 475

"Sutton Hoo Helmet"


Guest 476

"John Wayne"


Guest 477

"Masai pair"


Guest 478




Guest 479


Artist: Claudette Marlin Web Sitel:


Guest 480



Guest 481



Guest 482

"The Lake"


Guest 483

"Vegetable impression"



Guest 484

"The Singer"

Artist: Roger Cummiskey Roger specializes in watercolour paintings, which take their themes and titles from the wanderings and writings of James Joyce, Samuel Beckett and other Literary and Historical personalities. Web Sitel:


Guest 485

"Abstract Head 
of James Joyce"


Guest 486

"Good Puzzle would 
be to cross Dublin 
without passing a pub"


Guest 487

"Gibraltar Remembered"


Guest 488

"The Casino at Marino"



Guest 489


Artist: Mariela Ilieva E-mail:


Guest 490

"Fire Horse"


Guest 491



Guest 492



Guest 493






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