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Guest 725

Message at Dawn
Oil on Canvas
50 cm x 40 cm

Artist: Marco of Alexandria Web site:


Guest 726

Man and his Visual World
Oil on Canvas
50 cm x 40 cm


Guest 727

Enturtled by Doubt
Oil on Canvas
50 cm x 40 cm


Guest 728

Self-Portrait in Mirror
Oil on Canvas
50 cm x 70 cm


Guest 729

The Manipulation
Oil on Canvas
70 cm x 50 cm



Guest 730

"Tourment II" 
Acrylic on hand made paper, 
mixed techique relief, 
year 2002.

Artist: Alexandra Jicol Web site: E-mail:


Guest 731

"J'ai reve de Rio
"(I dream about Rio),
Acrylique on hand made 
paper,50x70cm, mixed techniques, year 2002.


Guest 732

"Couleurs dans le regard 
"(Colors on the Look),
Acrylic on hand made 
paper,50x70cm, mixed techniques relief, year 2002.


Guest 733

"Regard de Feu" (Look of fire ),
Acrylic on paper ,
70x50 cm, mixed 
technques,year 1993.


Guest 734

"Le coq de Horezu"
(The cock of Horezu) , 
Acrylic on hand made paper , 
35x50cm, mixed techniques relief.



Guest 735

64 x 72 inch
Oil / Canvas

Artist: Chin Web site:


Guest 736

51.2 x 76 inch
Oil / Canvas


Guest 737

Red Umbrella
48 x 60 inch
Oil / Canvas


Guest 738

window in citreous 
oil painting


Guest 739

The Manipulation
Oil on Canvas
70 cm x 50 cm



Guest 740

"California Dreaming" 
48 by 54 inches oil on canvas

Artist: Dennis Dutzi Web site:


Guest 741

 " Doctor Scolaro" 
40 by 70 inches oil on canvas


Guest 742

" Floating Stars"
 50 by 60 inches oil on canvas


Guest 743

Loretta Sanchez" 
48 by 54 inches oil on canvas


Guest 744

"Pink Summer" 
48 by 54 inches oil on canvas



Guest 745

"Blues Ultra 
a/c 44x54 cm" 

Artist: Carson C.T. Collins "The Ocean Series: Look at the images. Notice how you feel."
Web site: posters.html E-mail


Guest 746

"It Slips Through Your Fingers 
a/c with gold leaf 28x32 inches"s


Guest 747

"Real Love 
a/c 28x32 inches"


Guest 748

"Summer's Edge 
a/c 44x54 cm" 


Guest 749

a/c 48x56 inches" 



Guest 750

Reflection On the Water, 
80/97 cm 

Artist: Sergej Jakovlev Pictures - oil on canvas
Web site:


Guest 751

Autumn Wind, 
80/98 cm


Guest 752

Black Beauty, 
130/70 cm


Guest 753

Forest Lake, 
85/137 cm


Guest 754

130/60 cm



Guest 755


Artist: Claire Cordier Web site:


Guest 756



Guest 757

An 2000


Guest 758



Guest 759

Niki Halloween





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