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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".


Guest 128


"Key West Daydream"


Artist: Artist John Canning

Web site:


Guest 129


"Morning  View"


Guest 130





Guest 131


"Tropical Breeze"



Guest 132


"Room Reflections"



Guest 123


Artist: Barbara Hilal 
I have been painting since 1957..
Just recently began to sell any 
of them and the ones I sell are 
usually portraits and murals.
I can't bear to part with the others 
I have had with me so long.
They are like a little pieces 
of my life.

Guest 125
Guest 126
Guest 127



Guest 119


Twin Oak Arabians

Web site: 


Guest 120



Guest 121






Guest 122




Artist: Bernie Shaw



Guest 116

Floating Pyramid of Ra



Guest 117

Perception of Motion



Guest 118





Guest 111

Art Lives


Artist: Nancy Hunt-Bartek



Guest 112

For All The Good Times



Guest 113

Geisha Art



Guest 114




Guest 115

She Began To Dream



Guest 106


Artist: Ashraf Gohar Goréja

A.G. Goreja
is an international American artist
who's paintings invite viewers to
share the natural phenomena of
inner and outer life of this universe.
Colors, shapes and patterns of his
images are central force of Goreja's
creative process through which he 
gives symbolic meanings to each 
of his paintings for communication
with the viewer.

Web site:
Guest 107


Guest 108



Guest 109



Guest 110




Guest 100

 Book Illustrations -Editorial


Guest 101

 Fine Art - plein air watercolors


Guest 103

 Book Illustrations -Editorial
Biological-Plant kingdom 



Guest 104

Children's Book Publishing


Guest 105





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