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"An artist sees not only with his eyes but also with his heart and soul".



Guest 264




Artist: Esther

Please visite here
beautifull website at: /delith_99/


Guest 265




Guest 266




Guest 267




Guest 268



Artist: Helen  N. Barhatkov

Born May 24, 1965 born in Slutzk, Minsk region.
Her paintings can be found in the collection of the Belarus Ministry of Culture and also in museums and private collections. Web site:


Guest 269

"Spring Evening"
2000 Oil , Canvas
81 x 70 cm


Guest 270

"Still Life"
1999 Oil , Canvas
73 x 65 cm


Guest 271

"After The Rain"
 2000 Oil , Canvas
75 x 70 cm



Guest 272

"This  is a symbolic
watercolor mandala 
painted for a man who
is my alter ego."


Artist: Rachelle Rose Hurst

Web site:


Guest 273

"This is a gouache painted 
on illustration board, 
painted under dimly lit 

Guest 274


"This is an example 
of Gyotaku, 
the art of Japanese 
fish printing"


Guest 275

"Here is a hand-painted 
t-shirt that was made
 for a dear, life-long 
friend who is an 
opera singer."


Guest 276


"Look into the eyes 
of an animal. 
Realize that there's 
something greater than
 all of us out there"



Guest 277

"Guidry's Portrait "


Guest 278

"Blushing Bride1"


Guest 279

"Blossoming Bride"



Guest 280

"Up Close an Personal"



Guest 281

"Best Friendsl"




Guest 282


Artist: Stanislav Savov Belovski

I young artist 25 years old 
from Bulgaria

Web site:


Guest 283



Guest 284



Guest 285



Guest 286




Guest 288

"Christmas Morning"



Guest 289

"The Girlfriends of 1945"



Guest 290

"On a high hill"



Guest 291

"ying Yang Moon"

Artist: Gillian Birkett

More of this exceptional work
on the Web site:


Guest 292



Guest 293

"Border Collie "


Guest 294

"End of the Trail"


Guest 295






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