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Name: frederik beaujon
Comments: Hi John,  Ben net uitgebreid door je website gegaan. In een woord fantastisch mooi. 
Je geeft hiemee een uitstekend visitekaartje af van je talenten en van de variaties die je de 
potentiele klant kan bieden. Proficiat                  !

Name: Gilbert Thomas
Email: Not Entered
Comments: prachtig Webpage!Ik ben erg onder de indruk.De beste wensen voor 
een gelukkig 2001.

Name: N.Egtberts
Email: Not Entered
Reference: Search Engine
Comments: Beste John, ik heb je website gezien en vind hem erg mooi.Een goede presentatie
van je voortreffelijkeprenten. Ik zag dat je hier en daar nog "under constuction" bent.

Name: Percy Cicilia
Comments: Hey John, Congrats on a very nice, short (but detailed) web-site. This is one of the 
best business-to-business web-sites that I've seen. I will defintely keep your address handy!                

Name: Helpdesk bgate
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Very nice site. All the best. Regards,

Name: Robbert Willemsen
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Ziet er erg goed uit! Met vriendelijke groet, Carib-Online NV
We had no time to visit all the places, so we can enjoy all the beautifull although! 

Name: Jan
Comments: John,Happy new year. it looks like this is going to be a great one.
I saw your sight.It is beautiful. really nice work. Congratulations,

Name: Dirtley Sparen
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John bon anja, e mihor deseonan Mi a hanja bo e-mail den mi mail-box  i mi ta
felisitabo di kurason ku bo tremendo trabou. sigi asina bo ta superando bo mes
E mihor deseonan pa un prospero 2001 yen di creatividat.

Name: linda
Email: Not Entered
Comments: These are just absolutely beautiful

Name: Barry Setzer
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Mr Baselmans, I just found your website, and am so awed at your artwork, 
I just had to write and tell you how wonderful I think it is. You are simply amazing.

Name: margaretms
Comments: I have sent for your free gift offered through your site but wanted to
tell you what a great site you have. I have bookmarked and will check often - How nice to 
find a site of this caliper. Thank you.

Name: Amy Lyons
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Your work is just beautiful.I too draw and Istared at your work looking
at every detail...I could almost feel thesurroundings of the drawings.You are extremly talented. 
Best Regards, Amy Lyons

Email: Not Entered

Name: Pucks
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you for the card, I really do like your artand especially the posters and the 
portraits section on yourwebsite! Peace,Pucks

Name: Carol
Comments: The sketch of the dark haired little girl, withthe straw hat on   is mesmerizing...
love it!! Carol

Name: margaretms
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you so much I cannot tell you how thrilled was, as I said, to find
this site. It is wonderful, refreshing and a joy to behold.

Name: M.G. DeSoto
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you so much, your postcard is wonderful, and I will certainly  visit your site 
again in the future.M.G. DeSoto

Name: Sue Johnston
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Dear Mr. Baselmans, I was impressed by your website that I discoveredthrough always enjoy viewing new art & get special pleasure from good artwork.

Name: Erica Wolf
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that you very nice work. Very nice. 
The book illustrations are amazing! I may just have to think of something to have you draw. 
I'll get back to you! Erica Wolf

Name: Dan Draper
Comments: Mr. Baselmans: I just wanted to say that you have some INCREDIBLE art. 
You are a very talented and inspirational artist. I especially love the Orchid illustration, 
as Orchids are my passion.Thank you for sharing your work on line.
Warm Regards, Dan Draper

Name: Dan Draper
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hello my name is Debra.I live in Louisiana.My knowledge of art is limited
but yours has really touched a place in my heart and I hope to see more of
your work.Your work that I will recieve will have a permanent place in my
home and my heart. Debra McDonald Warm Regards, Dan Draper

Name: Theresa Marye Palmer
Comments: Mr. Baselmans ... Thank you so very much for sharing your talents via your 
websight! Your work is wonderful and emotionally uplifting and I wanted to take this opportunity 
to say thank you. I hope your day is filled with grins and giggles. Sincerely
Theresa Marye Palmer, Alaska,USA

Name: Shannon Miller
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I looked through you site today and really enjoyed it. You are a great talent, 
and should be very proud of your work. I will visit again to see what all you have added.
Sincerely, Shannon Miller

Name: Carol
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Beautiful..thank you! Carol

Name: Kimberly Mitchell
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I just wanted to say that you do beautiful work and I enjoyed looking
at them very much. I'm an aspiring artist myself and I hope that in time I can develop my skills 
as well as you. Good luck in your career. Sincerely,Kimberly Mitchell

Name: Samfet
Comments: Hello! I when to see your site and there no words to say that what you do is very 
very special. Those pictures have a soul, your soul. It is beautiful especially for me the ones 
with the little boats and  the face in the clouds. I love it very much. Bravo!

Name: Kathryn Grenier
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Mr Baselmans, I wanted to thank you for the opportunity to look
at your work. It was most enjoyable. Again, thank you for letting me view some of your
beautiful works.Sincerely,Kitty Grenier

Name: Arthur G Belden Jr
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi John, I am an american from upstate New York ,You do wonderful work hope you
have a good year. ART

Name: carolyn wimberly
Comments: just had to wite and tell you that I Love the art of the Children..They are so pretty...
I am a Foster Parent to six wonderful Children..I would like to show them your work..
I am sure they also will love it..Thank You.. Gene , Carolyn & Angel's May the Lord be with You

Name: judy wanamaker
Email: Not Entered
dear john............thank you for the free postcard........the image is beautiful...........

Name: Terris
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Dear John,
Hello I Terri from Usa-Ohio-I have always dreamed of becoming a photographer. 
I think your such a talented man. Keep up the good work, I will be supporting you and watching
your website for as long as I can.

Name: Jill
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I love your site and will back..I really Love the drawing of the child's face in the 
triangle..All most like he's looking from within the clouds..I myself probable couldn't afford it but 
I must ask, are you selling it and if so how much?? Your work can inspire so many and bring so 
much happiness..I hope it has brought you the same..I myself write poems and sometime they 
to bring a smile or two..You have a great day... Jill

Name: j. King
Email: JIKING3501#CS.COM

Name: Danette Carruthers
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John -  You have some beautiful stuff - I love the forest drawing that you have on
your website! Have a wonderful day - Danette Carruthers

Comments: What an awesome site. Your work is beautiful and I truly enjoyed it.

Name: LORI

Name: Jane Lynne
Email: Not Entered
Comments: received a link to your sight in an email...and just wanted to say how
impressed I am with your work..

Name: C J eggerman
Comments: Thanks, your artwork is great!

Name: butch/bev ziegler
Email: Not Entered
Comments: You do fantastic work!! I enjoyed your site totally.

Name: tiny
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Received your email regarding 'my free gift' with the attachment "Being human is 
helping each other". That is absolutely awesome! I'm very impressed. Thanks again.

Name: Kim
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hello, I saw your web site and I am very impressed. I have completed  an
associate degree in commercial art, but I prefer doing portraits.I was hoping you could tell 
me how or what is the best way to get started. I have done some design work
for the college. I appreciate your time. Thank you very much.
Kim from Longview, Texas

Name: Alice
Email: Not Entered
Comments: your pic that u sent me is so beautiful.. do u  send these postcards via snail mail?
I would love to have one  ?  Alice 

Name: Randy & Victoria
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John, Enjoyed your website. Very talented work! I am a beginning 
artist in the pencil medium.

Name: Kathy
Comments:I saw every page and went back for seconds.By far the most exciting site I've seen. 
I gave the site to my brother. I'm sure he'll be as ah-struck as I was. Thankyou for the site.
I will be back. Kathy,

Name: Kaya
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi, My name is Kaya and I am from the United states. I just visited your website 
today and I liked what I saw.

Name: Charlene Gorgone
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John, I have seen very many different pieces of what are supposed  to be art work. 
Your pieces are as realistic as it gets. You express yourself and the world around you in the 
most artistic way I have ever seen. Your ability is the most comforting because it descibes 
a ..... I don't know what! It relaxes me. Thank You...... 

Comments: thank you this is awesome! God bless

Name: Maureen Harris
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Very nice web site

Name: Julie Garden
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Wow. Tonight, I came across your site and your work is rather amazing to me. 
I actually got lost in a few pieces... Let me tell you, I do not say that about most people's art 
because it really doesn't usually grab me but yours did. Brightest Blessings, Julie

Name: Michele
 What a lovely and unique artwork. In a time of "me" it is nice to see artwork that speaks to the
heart and reminds of "we". My son (10 years old) said"wow"... and he made
me print it so he could share it with his art teacher (to enlarge and hange in the artclass). 
He is attempting "Art Competition" again this year.He has talent - but still has a lot to learn. 
I think you have become a favorite and an inspiration. Thanks -

Name: Diane Tober
Comments: John, Very beautiful work. I enjoyed your site. Wishmy work was as good as yours. :)
Diane Tober

Name: Bob m.
Comments: thank you..i now have a copy of your work, which i think is intriguing , to say the least

Name: Ruth
Comments: Dear John,Have really enjoyed all of your do a wide variety of things. 
I wish I could buy some of it, but I'm a beginning artist myself. Just wanted to let you know 
that your work is great. Thanks for thefree gift. Ruth

Name: July Burnet
Comments: thank you so much for the pic

Name: Borjan 
Email: fancy#EUnet.yu
Comments: Thanks, I Love art!!!

Name: ohoh
Comments: Hey John Your site has been listed on free sample site. Which is why the site was
hit so hard. Have a great day and thanks abunch. ohoh

Name: B Huffner
Comments: Thank you so much for such an interesting website. It is the first one I have visited
of its kind and I really enjoyed it! Your detail is exceptional! I love the portraitof the little girl 
wearing the hat and the illustrations of the animals! Thanks Again,

Name: Spring Boppre-Greenlee
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you so much I took a look at it and it's amazing. I too am an artist!spring

Name: Cello Davids
Comments: She's beautiful - thank you!! Have a creative day Ü

Name: Rose
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John, Thank you! Truer words were never spoken. My prayer is that it would
become a way of life.Rose

Name: Kitty Bernards
Comments: Thank you for this gift. it was kind of you to share this with me.

Name: Julie Ormen
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear Mr. John,  I took the liberty of editing your email note below. I thank you for the
HUMANS HELP... postcard. It is fantastic!!!!!!!!! Have a wonderful  day. Sincerley, Julie Ormen

Name: Erika Litteral 
Comments: I just wanted to tell you, you are so talented. The artwork that  I saw, was 
breathtaking...God Bless... Erika

Name: Silvy angelica
Comments: Thank you for sharing your talent.

Name: Angel mac antire
Email: Not Entered
Comments: i will appreciate that it is very nice of you to do that .thank you so much do keep 
in touch . again thank you

Name: G. Holmes
Email: Not Entered
Comments: That you so much for the gift. Being human is helping others. Your work is so unique, 
and I will be purchasing some of your works.

Name: pvmonahan
Comments: Hi Mr Baselmans  Art is a gift from God I want tp go to art school that I may glorify 
the Lord. I really love the period when artists like Leoanardo and others made you know their 
was a creator just by looking at their works. You have a great talent and I pray you will use it to 
glorify God. I am no where near as good as you but this I pray for you and for me.Mrs Monahan 
Just wanted to comment on your work and make u think of the Lord who loves you. I have two 
children and they are my time now but I like to draw angels and just look at books on the 
rennisance period. How inspiring that is Have a nice day

Name: Silver Davidson
 Comments: I just had to let you know that I. Think your work is truly beautiful.

Name: Elyse K.
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I had just browsed on my computer and came across your web-site. 
Your work is Quite beautiful and Iam very impressed with it. I do some amature artwork but 
definately not to compare with anything I had seen of your work. I remain sincerely , Ms. Elyse

Name: Lynn Cassidy
Comments: Thank you John , the card is wonderful I truly appreciate the thought behind it!!
Lynn Cassidy

Name: Lady R.
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thanks!! That is very awesome!!

Name: Jonna K Wilhelm
Comments: Thank you so much! The postcard is really lovely, a very touching work of art!

Name: Allan Hudge
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I liked the card. I collect B&W images. I printed it out and hung it on my kid's 
bedroom wall...her whole room is done in B& an optical illusion.thank you!!

Name: Rose Anderson
Email: Not Entered

Name: Carol Drury
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Thank you John - I will look forward to it - guess the ad is working! What I saw 
impressed me - hope you get lots of work! Peace, Carol 
Carol Drury George Washington University

Name: Ann Dionne
Comments: where are you located?i live in maine moose country its beautiful here i love the 
piece and quiet. its especially beautiful in summer . i hope you dont mind if i stay in touch?
well i will let you go good luck . i will let my friends know about your site .

Name: john devon
Comments: Thank you .Your work is wonderfull and possitive . I look foward to more visits to 
your site. peace jcd

Name: Carrol devis
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hey John It was very refreshing and interesting to go through your site. Be an up 
coming Graphic Designer myself, I was very happy to explore your site. I enjoyed your work 
very much and hope to see more in the future. I currently a student at a Private University in 
New York City. I have one more semester to go then i'll become a Graphic Designer, I can
hardly wait. I would appreciate any encouragement or advise from you. Thank You

Name: Ben Sickens
Email: Not Entered
Comments: the art work you sent me was really cool keep up the good work

Name: Kaya 
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thanks so much for my free gift! Your website is truly a good one! I like it a lot. 
I am going to forward it to all the people I know and hope that they will look at it too. 
I guess you should have no problem getting business huh?? You take care of yourself. 
Good Luck!! --Kaya

Name: Rose Mills
Comments: Thank you! The postcard is both beautiful and inspirational. Rose Mills

Name: Christina Rudolfs
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you so much for the gift card/you truely are a talented artist. I really enjoyed it. 
Thanks again, Christina

Name: Robyn Sanders
Email: Not Entered
Comments: your photos, illistrations, pen and ink are beatiful. I enjoyed looking at your site thanks

Name: Shirley Evans
Comments: Thank You very much. The postcard had the a verydeep and meaningful
feeling to me. It was awesome. Again, I Thank You. Shirley Evans

Name: B. Moone
Email: Not Entered
Hi i was just at your web site and look at all your work(i could almost swear i could smell the
flowers) your work is very BEAUTIFUL,in some of them it is really hard to tell which one are
photos and which ones are done by you , if you did not put your technique with the drawings you
would not be able to tell, that is how well they are done, i just had to drop you a line and let
you know how beautiful i thought that they were and how good your work is. Belinda

Name: Bette Stivala
Comments: I just want to comment that I enjoyed viewing your website. Your artwork is 
absolutely beautiful. You are indeed very gifted. I am highly impressed. Thank you.                  
Bette Stivala

Name: kathy Gouge
Comments: You are probable sick of hearing how beautiful your work is , But too bad i'm gonna 
tell ya again! Your work is Beautiful! I never get sick of seeing things like this on the Internet. 
I can't wait to get what ever it is your gonna send me! Take Care & God Bless!

Name: Mrs Davis
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi, Mrs. Davis just wanted to send a thank you for the postcard that will be coming, 
and the pictorial attachment. Is there a deeper meaning behind the old lady, the old hand, and the 
bubble or tear drop, on the sphere background. I would like to know it so whenever someone may 
see it displayed in my home I could expound on it further. The title is wonderful: 
Being human is helping others.

Name: Lady G
Comments: Thank you and I look forward to recieveing one of your master pieces.
The Higher You Climb, The Better The View.

Name: Ann Dionne
Comments: hi john was nice to hear from you . i saw the card i took a peek at it i am amazed 
it has a lot of meaning . i really enjoy the helping hands you are gifted you should be proud of 
your work. its amazing . thank you for writing back to me, talk to you soon ok                

Name: Dani Ward
Comments: Thanks, I really like your posters about drug prevention that I saw. I am a drug 
counselor and am always looking for new posters. See you later Ron Ward

Name: Goldie Galham
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hello, just wanted to say I really think your site and pages are  great!

Name: Vicki Heine
Comments: Hi-found your site and looked it over. Very nice. I am a graduate of ICS school 
course in Computer Graphic Artist using Corel Draw 8. Do you need any help? Any ideas to 
get work at home? Thank You Vicki Heine

Name: Judy Foster
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Your landscapes are especially beautiful you are blessed!

Name: Linda Graham
Email: Not Entered
Comments: thank you for the free gift im sure i will enjoy it i am also introducing my child 
to the world of art so i will be on ur web site a lot and u r right about humans thanks agin lynda

Name: Marie-Jeanne Piret
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I loved very much what you draw. I refer to the design "Being human is helping 
each other! I am going to frame it. And one day may be I will be able to buy something
from you. Sincerely,

Name: Donardo Vrolijk
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi John, Website looks great. Just u suggestion to share opinions of other viewers, 
why don't you add a guest book. rgds,

Name: Jodie Fisher
Comments: I just wanted to write to you from one artist to another... you are fabulous. 
Your work has such emotion and clarity in it. I will definitely be bookmarking your site for 
future reference. Thank you for sharing your wonderful, inspiring gift of talent. It is truly appreciated.
Jodie Fisher

Name: Mickey
Comments: Thank you so much for the beautiful print! Mickey

Name: Linda
Comments: John, so glad people are visiting your site! I do know that I have given your site link 
to alot of people I work with and also some friends! I know my husband even  personally mailed 
you, for a price list! Keep up the good work, its looking great......Hugs  Linda

Name: Blanche
Comments: i love your site John..thank you for sharing it..Blanche

Name: Larry Salas 
Comments: Hee, John, Hoe gaat het met jullie? Ik ben net op jouw website geweest. 
Hartstikke mooi, joh!

Name: Connie H.
Email: Not Entered
This is the second time I write to tell you how much I enjoy viewingyour art. It is so
wonderful. I enjoy every piece I view including your posters and would like to know where they
are sold. I do not know if the mental health center where I work would allow me to purchase 
any for my office, but I will ask. I am the coordinator of a domestic violence intervention program
and would like to know if you have done any posters on that topic. I wish  that more people could 
see your work so that they could share its beauty. I am a therapist in a small town with many 
people who have never had the opportunity to see anything as nice as your art. I am certain you 
bring pleasure to all who view your work. I do tell my friends about your website and encourage 
them to visit it. I wish you continued success in all you do.Connie

Name: Johnny Weber
Email: Not Entered
Comments: send me your link again please, I lost it.

Name: leeleann
Comments: Thank you, I really enjoyed looking at your work, it is really nice. leann corrigan

Name: Kathy J Gouge
Comments: Hey John,  That's great that your site is growing so! I sent you to a friend in
Santa'Fe & to mt my Mom in El,Paso both big in the art community & My friend in Santa' Fe 
is also an artist & knows great work when she see's it. So i knew you were worth it. 
My mom also is spreading your site around so you are getting some exposure in El,Paso. 
& around the south west. you take care & keep those masterpieces coming!
Kathy J Gouge

Name: Kaya
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hey I have already started to distribute your web address to everyone in my address 
book and I told them to pass it on! I will help you as much as one person can!! --Kaya

Name: Mieke Diliberto
Comments: hello John,my name is Mieke, just had a look at some of your work excellent value. 
I paint and draw myself, have done some illustrations for the Papua New Guinea board of 
education. one thing , very hard to become known isn;t it, you are doing very well,
hate to become famous after i die, not like van Gogh etc etc.pleassseee. anyway thought to drop 
a line and say good on ya bye from Mieke in Australia

Name: SheliaDallas
Comments: I am not normally a person that has ever been very interested in art, if I liked it--
I bought it,letalone the artist who created the work. After coming across your website and 
seeing how wonderful your work is, I believe it is worth paying attention to. The portraits of the
children were so beautiful. You can feel actual emotions when you look at those. Thank you.
S. Morris 

Email: Not Entered
Comments: John, I was absolutely impressed with your work and your webpages.
Keep up the good work. I was particuliarly impressed with the owl made from dots.

Name: Melissa
Email: melissa#QNET.COM
Comments: I stumbled into your site & I might add that Iam impressed! What a talent you have! 
Keep up the fabulous work! I can't wait to see more!! Melissa

Name: Mildred McCrady
Comments: Your work is breathtaking and pleasing to the eye.Fell in love with your pen and 
ink work "Woods in Holland". I could lose myself in the dawning of a new day. Keep up the 
wonderful work and have a wonderful life. Sincerely, Mildred McCrady

Name: victor kolp
Comments: love the art work that you emailed me. i printed it out but it came out on two pages. 
wish it had come out on one. thank you

Name: Lolita
Email: Not Entered
Comments:thank you

Name: Meghin
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I really like the last one on the portrait pageand the last one on the more portrait 
page. You are an awesome artist. I was looking for free stuff and came across your page. 
Someday I would love to open my own gallery with tons of my art work and who knows, 
maybe I will! Just to let you know that even a 14 year old can appreciate art. -Meg

Name: Carmen Croeze-Lopez
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dag John, Proficiat me je erg mooie en professionele web-site, het leest makkelijk 
en is zeer aantrekkelijk.

Name: Kaya
Email: Not Entered
Comments: That will be cool to see. I went all through your site last night and I looked at 
everything.The portraits were amazing, and I like the stamps too. --Kaya

Name: Virginia F. Figura
Comments: Dear Mr. Baselmans: Thank you very kindly for the free gift. It is wonderful! I will 
cherish it always! Thank you again! Virginia

Name: Belinda
Email: Not Entered
Comments: WOW thank you so much, This is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I have forward your picture or i 
should say drawing to all my friends so that they can see what beautiful work you do, 
and again thank you so very much for the beautiful drawing I love it. 
Thank You and God Bless you Belinda

Name: Carmen L.
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hallo John, Masha danki pa bo regalo cu mi ta aprecia masha hopi. 
Cumindamento  y te despues, Carmen

Name: WalkingStarBear
Comments: Dear John, I have told alot of people, and they have come back and thanked me for 
sending them to your site. And Thank You, I have not had a nasty review  at all, in fact I have 
started my second page, I just can;t figure  out how to link things, Darn. Any Help you could 
advise me on would be greatly appricated. May Father In Heaven Always Guide and be with You. 
WalkingStar Bear

Name: Blanche
John i just want to thank you for being the special person you are. i wish every one was as
kind as you are. this world would be a lot nicer. thanks again and keep up the good work. 
God Bless.. Blanche

Name: Noel
Comments: Thank you so much for the lovely art work. You have a great site. Because of 
being a caretaker at this time I am unable to get a site up and running. Hopefully in the future. 
I am a pencil and charcoal artist. I live outside of the Smoky Mountains of Tennessee. 
Many of the artist are heavy into acrylics and watercolors. The Mountains and wildflowers 
are beautiful. I think the subtle differences in the shadowing, and the strong contrast between 
black and white are just as powerful. I was so pleasantly surprised to see the piece of work 
you sent to me. This is exactly the kind of thing I really enjoy. I am a big fan of John R.Nell, 
especially the inks, black and white like The Romancer. Other than the Oz series of books, 
his work is hard to come by. Judging from what you sent I think you would appreciate his work too. 
I am sticking with my pencil work, even though I am a female in the South, where you should just 
dabble in watercolor. I really dolike your work and would appreciate seeing more along this line. 
Thanks, Noel

Name: Loek Heijst
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dag John, Even naar je site gekeken. Ziet er prima uit. Loek

Name: Misty Patterson
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you very much ............Oh by the way you have very nice  eyes.

Name: Aimee
Comments: I am so impressed with your website and your talent. 

Name: Heidi Jaye
Comments: John This is fantastic and thank you.. Printing it out at the moment to hang in a 
frame near my pc.. You really have some wonderful talent.. And I will be visiting your site again
very soon.. Heidi Heidi Jaye

Name: Paul Brian
Email: Not Entered
Comments: your portraits are breathtaking. I have bookmarked your site for use in the future

Name: Michael and Debbie Matherly 
Email: matherly#globalsite.n
Comments: Dear Mr. Baselmans,
visited your site and enjoyed it very much. It was nice to see the work of a fellow postage
stamp designer. You do great work !

Name: Rose Anne King
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi from sunny Florida , just logged on to your site and wanted to tell you how 
wonderful your art work is and your willingness to share it with the world which is draw, 
wish that i had a smigion of your talent.all the best life has to offer Rose Anne King

Name: Lynda Powers
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John............  I want to thank-you for having a wonderful website and to tell you 
that I thought your portraits & stamps were very beautiful.  Lynda Powers

Name: Sandra Chambers 
Comments: Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your work. It is simply beautiful.
Sandra Chambers

Name: Jules Burnette
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you and Yes I really enjoyed your website.You are a truly gifted artist 

Name: Origami T.
Email: Not Entered
WOW!! that was a beautiful card.... Thank you very, very much. I am going to set it as 
my wallpaper. And I will indeed go back to your site and check it out further... Thanx again, 
and take care. Origami

Name: Myrna Sollmailto
Comments: Dear Sir: I would like to Thank You for the lovely picture you sent to me.
I really enjoy looking at it. I will visit you web site soon. Myrna Soll

Name: Tiny Cramner
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John: Thank you, not only for your prompt response, but the gift card as well. 
Thanks again. tinylady

Name: Ann Scott
Comments: Your Portraits Are Absolutely Breath-taking. Please keep me updated.
Thank You for Sharing Your Work.

Name: Betty barns
Email: Not Entered
Comments: just saw your site, awesome!!!!!!,

Name: Theresa Smit
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John, The postcard is beautiful! Thanks so much! Theresa

Name: Julie Siemek 
Comments: I just reviewed your website and LOVE your drawings.
Please keep adding new ones!

Name: joanne fellas
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Many thanks - it is absolutely brilliant - do you mind if I pass it onto a few friends? 
I won't do this until I hear back.

Name: Arnold Steenbeek
Comments: And all the luck in the world in making your dream come true  Arnold Steenbeek

Name: Fifie Getrouw
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi John,
Without looking at your website yet, I want to congratulate you on it. Thank you for sharing your 
dreams with us and also the ones that have come true. I've shared a few of my dreams with some 
people but laltely it seems that none of them will come true! Maybe I'm doing something wrong in 
that department! Thank you so much and bye, Fifie Getrouw

Name: Carmen Croeze-lopez
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Mooi en interessant moet me nog bedenken wat ik zou willen. Groetjes Carmen

Name: Nicole Baselmans
Comments: een hele leuke website en erg mooi gedaan

Name: Jo Benoit
Comments:I Love your site

Name: linda bruce
Comments: Very nice site

Name: Wendy
I don't think words could even explain the work that you do. So i will say a simple thank you from
the bottom of my heart. Keep it up. Wendy from Az

Name: phyllis martin
Comments: i much enjoy your site.the wondreful pictures and so forth one inpaticular intrigies me. 
i know it isn't however i could swear it is a painting of a dear friend of mine. 
i suppose everyone does have a twin.

Name: Gena
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John, Thank you soo much for sharing your artwork with the world. 
You are an faces. What a talent you have mastered. I too recieved the email you sent me 
and tried to print it out, only to have it print on two pages, I was so disappointed.Can you please 
let me know where and/or how I can purchase your artwork? Thank you for your time.

Name: Noel
Email: Not Entered
Comments: John, Loved the new black and white pictures upper right hand corner. Fantastic. 
Really see all the use of technique. The other's were great too. I am just partial to black and white 
as that is what I use. Was excited to see e-mail with your name, hoping you would have some 
new drawing. Most inspiring! Noel

Name: Shan D. Wilder
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I think your work is beautiful thanks for sharing it with us.

Name: Allison Rayman
Email: Not Entered
Comments: I absolutely love your site. I am still looking at all the sketches until I find the perfect 
one to purchase!

Name: Elsa
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John your site is supremely beautiful and your work so unigue. 
You are a highly gifted man. Congratulation with your first digital exhibition. I look forward to 
the next.

Name: Kathy Crooks
Comments: I have been visiting your web site for some time now and always enjoy it very much. 
Thank You for this unique opportunity. Kathy

Name: Kitty Grenier
Email: Not Entered
Comments:John thank you for allowing me to view the new web site with your additional  works. 
It was enlightnig and beautifully done. Thanks again

Name: Connie Wiltbank
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thanks for sharing your wonderful talent

Name: Mildred McCrady
I especially liked the eagle and child pen and ink drawing as I work with the State Child Support
Enforcement as a caseworker. I would love to have anything that has children in the drawing to
hang in my office. Keep up the beautiful work. It is appreciated!!!


Name: Joyce Smith
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Nice work!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Name: Frits & Ria van Dijk
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Prachtig

Name: Rose Calderon
Comments: As always your web page is teriffic!

Name: Kathy Pollock
Email: Not Entered
Comments: As always the site is spectacular. I just sent emails to all of  my friends to 
take a look.

Name: Jan Hamilton
Comments: Your drawings are unique and quite wonderful. Thank you for the pleasure of 
viewing same.

Name: WalkingStar Bear
Email: Not Entered
Comments:John you are great and you have a couple of banner like things to get here from 
my pages. for one May Father 
and Mother stay by your side

Name: Noel Holley-Bell
Email: Not Entered
Comments: It's just one of your #1 fans. I am just writing because my e-mail address changed 
and Iwanted to continue to receive your new drawings. Noel and May you Always have good luck.

Name: Elyse Biederman
Comments: Your Work is beautiful. Ihave visited your site many times.Wunderbar.

Name: Noelle Ray
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thanks for the email letting us know about your new site. I am  going to go and enjoy 
it now.

Name: Theresa
I really enjoy your site -- your drawings & photos are beautiful. And I especially like your graphic for
the guestbook! All the best -- Theresa

Name: Marylène van der Velde
Email: Not Entered
Comments:  Een hele originele site, aangenaam om naar te kijken. Gefeliciteerd!

Name: Rose Anne King
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Hi from sunny Florida , just logged on to your site and wanted to tell you how 
wonderful your art work is and your willingness to share it with the world. Read  where you 
are overwelmed with emails and can't reply promptly please you do not have to reply to this
email at all, your art is enough reply, do what you do best, which is draw, wish that i had a
smigion of your talent. all the best life has to offer Rose Anne King 


Name: Abigail
Email: Not Entered

Name: Sandra Chambers
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you very much. I am very impressed with your work. It is simply beautiful.

Email: Not Entered
Comments: Thank you and Yes I really enjoyed your website.You are a truly gifted artist

Name: Lynda Powers
Email: Not Entered
Comments:Dear John............I want to thank-you for having wonderful website and to tell you that 
I thought your portraits & stamps were very beautiful. Thank-you.You have a lot of talent, and a 
beautiful site.

Name: Randee Villardi 
Comments: Your art is wonderful Thanks!

Name: Marlene Gifford
Comments: Your work certainly is breath taking. I love the stamps of the cats and butterflies. 
The drawings of your children speaks so much of your love of them. I definitely will come 
back to your web site. Keep up your wonderful work!!!!!!! 

Name: Pamela Engel
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Dear John, I must say, the attachment of your artwork is absolutely breath-taking!  
I am awed and inspired. How beautiful! I do intend to visit your site more often and refer you to 
others. You certainly are talented. Thank you so much for sharing your work with me!
Sincerely, Pamela Engel

Name: Laura
Comments: I am impressed...How wonderful to click on a link with culture & talent. Bravo. 
Enjoyed my visit. Thank you... from Las Vegas,Nevada

Name: galdaryl
Email: galdaryl#webtv.met
Comments: my little sister said to visit and i am glad i did. nice work....very nice and a sight i 
would reccomend toall of my frieds. good luck with this site and keep on doing what you 
shines !

Name: Rui Manuel Andrade dos Reis Pilar
Reference: Search Engine
Comments: Complimentes for de beautiful job

Name: crystal heflin
Email: Not Entered
Comments: i just like to drop by and see whats new

Name: Connie Wiltbank
Comments: Your work is always a pleasure to view. I tell everyone I know about your website. 
Thank you for sharing your work with the world.

Name: Judith Alvarez
Comments: I am so moved everytime i visit your sight!!!! U are an inspired man! Im gonna 
start saving all my pennies,,,and some day maybe i can have you do my portrait,,,, 
u are awesome..........jude

Name: Agustin van Werkhoven
Comments: Speakless......

Name: Kahlee
Comments: I must say that I find your artwork amazing. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!

Name: Sharon Becker
Comments: I enjoyed viewing your site. You do beautiful work.

Name: Reginald A. Huggins
Comments: Keep up the good work !

Name: jane rehak

Name: Boop
Email: Not Entered
Comments: just saw your site, awesome!!!!!!,

Name: Connie Wiltbank
Comments: Always a pleasure to visit your sight. You make the world a better place with the 
beauty you add

Name: Noel Holley-Bell
I can not tell you how excited I am when I see mail coming from your site. Your work is a great
inspiration to all of "struggling artist." You also have an excellent website. Keep that ink,
pencil, charcoal or paintbrush going. Most Awesome!

Name: Wyatt
Comments: Noel has just shown me your website, really great. She is always telling me I should 
check out your work. Very impressed! Wyatt

Name: Dean
Comments: I am also a Noel convert. She was showing Wyatt the site and I  thought I would 
check out her "idol". I don't know anything about art, but I really did enjoy your website. I see 
by your latest drawing why you are so popular with Noel.

Name: tiny
Comments: Just re-visited your site - very impressed with the changes. Thank you for sharing 
your talent with so many.

Name: Nawona Bell
Comments: Enjoyed it.

Name: Hetty Koster
Comments: Semper ma tende di bo pinturanan pero nunka mi no a wak nan.Hopi bunita,
bo tin arte den bo manan. Hetty

Name: Sweety
Comments: Your work is beautiful! Have you thought of doing ecards?

Name: gabriella
Comments:I have just received the free card!! THANK YOU so is absolutely beautiful. 
I am going to frame it and put in on my desk. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK 
YOU!!!!!!!!!Huggssssssss to ya!!

Name: Bethann
Comments: Love the Artwork

Name: Diane Green
Comments: Your drawings are awesome! So crisp and refreshing. Can't wait to see what the free 
surprise will be. Thanks

Name: AH Tindall-Jones
Love the new site! Great work! Thank you for sharing your talent!


Name: Marianne.Otmar,Quincy.Otto Sambo
Comments: Interessant en educatief. Pabien!

Name: Jann Hamilton
Comments: I love your website, as well as all of your unique and original drawings. 
Thanks so much for the pleasure of your website.

Name: Blanche Lord
Comments: I love y

Name: Tom Quintana
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Nice work!

Name: Susan B. Wickert
Comments: You have some very cool work. I really like it.

Name: Jaclyn Bechard
Comments: Nice site, I really like it.

Name: Elisabeth
Email: Not Entered
Comments: Your site is terrific and nice to see your new drawings and possibillities. You're doing 
a good job, wonderful!!! I am sure  a lot of people love en enjoy your work. Thank you so much.

Name: Angel
Comments: Dear John, 
Through your eyes, I share with you the beauty of your artistic work and the love you give through
your art for the "peace in the world without war".Thank you to be what you are: A Great Artist.


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