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Kids Corner 2
Gold award 1/5

GOLD AWARD 6 / 10 year
This award is for children who published on this page.
They receive this award as crown on his/her perfect art work.
I hope you as parents will motivate your child in art.
You create a child who is open for other people.
award 7
  Name: Ellen Rene Mandeville
  Age: 8 years
  Country: USA
  Comment: This work is made in crayon, 
  marker pens, watercolor
  Incredible this drawing, it has everything!
  Right composition great color balance.
  You did here a great job Ellen and its for
  sure you will be a great artist.

award 8
  Name: Marlo Weijgers
  Age: 8 years
  Country: Netherlands
  Comment: Marlo
  These colors!
  Bright and well placed.
  In your mail you told me you did these
  cirkels by hand, without tamplates!
  This is great!!
award 9
  Name: Ian Faulkner
  Age: 8 years
  Country: Ireland

  Comment: Ian is a real artist
  If you see this drawing made in
  pastels than you know what art
  can do in a small artist soul!
  The seasons he placed on this
  paper though the ayes from this
  young man
  Ian go on and you did a great job.
award 10
  Name: Alexandra B.
  Age: 7 years
  Country: USA

  Comment: Alexandra welcome into my
  Kids corner.
  The drawing is beautiful, I like him.
  You got here everything together 
  and you are not afraid to draw from
  a bird till fish!!
  Keep going and you will be an 
  real artist!
award 11
  Name: Ian Faulkner
  Age: 8 years
  Country: Netherlands

  Comment: Seeing this drawing of Ian
  Make me complete speech less!
  He like to draw owls but if you see this
  It's for me incredible good work.
  The color the look and all these fathers!!
  Ian don't ever stop with drawing!
  You are a real artist.
award 12
  Name: Jeremy Stewart
  Age: 8 years
  Country: USA

  Comment: Jeremy, this drawing is 
  You are for sure talented.
  Is this the pace you live? I like it.
  The house middle in the woods with
  water I come visit you.
  Keep going and you will be an artists.
award 13
  Name: Kizzy Striekwold
  Age: 9 years
  Country: Netherlands

  Comment: Kizzy welcome on my site.
  I like your drawing because you know
  how to place your lines.
  You fill in the whole size of the paper.
  The colors are powerful and bright.
  I hope to see more work from me.
  Keep going you are talented.
award 14

  Name: Kizzy Striekwold
  Age: 9 years
  Country: Netherlands 

  Comment: Kizzy
  Your second drawing is verry good.
  The composition is good
  The colors are bright and well choosen.
  Keep going 
award 15
  Name: Rachel Manring
  Age: 10years
  Country: USA
  Title: Peaceful scene

  Comment: Rachel
  I like your work
  The colors are in balance.
  The composition is good in short
  you did a great job!
  Go on with yourwork and I hope 
  to see more from you.
award 16
  Name: Norman
  Age: 8 years
  Country: USA
  Title: Giraffe

  Comment: Norman
  This is a great drawing!
  All these animals you placed on paper.
  The colors are nice and you placed
  the animals also good on paper.
  You did a great job.
award 17

  Name: Kavya Raghunathan
  Age: 8 years
  Country: USA
  Title: Sweet dreams

  Comment: Kavya
  This watercolor looks great!
  I have look over and over to it and find
  a lot of things in it.
  A realy dream!
  I like the color combination and what is 
  very important you work on the whole 
  paper size.
  Keep going it's very good!
award 18
  Name: Philip Patton
  Age: 10 years
  Country: USA
  Title: Baltimore Oriole
  Comment: Philip
  Thank you so much for thr entry.
  I love this piece!
  I like the composition and the way
  you palced the colors.
  I think you have a great future in art!
  Don't give up and you will be an great
award 19
  Name: Boris Dekhitiar 
  Age: 8 years
  Country: USA
  Comment: Boris
  You are talented!
  Your work I saw was great!
  (For more work go to page 6)
  The colors and working on the
  whole paper, that's the way you
  will be an artist.
  Keep drawing again and again.
award 20

  Name: Selynda Colegrove 
  Age: 10 years
  Country: USA

She loves to draw. Her work is great She hase a great feeling of composition and colors. (For more work go to page 6) It's great work and she will be for sure an great artist !
award 21
  Name: Marlo Weijgers
  Age: 8 years
  Country: Netherlands
  Comment: Marlo
  This is great!!
  The colors are beautifull.
  Technique is oil colors with water
  Two different techniques who are 
  complete different.
  Marlo job well done! Keep going.
award  22
  Name: Anthony Smith 
  Age: 8 years
  Country: USA 

  Comment: Anthony 
  You live near the sea. 
  It's nice to see the hurricane an al the 
  problems around this storm. 
  The sea and his destroying!  
  Colors are nice and the composition 
  Keep going, you see the things very 
award 23
  Name: Bart Smit 
  Age: 10 years
  Country: Netherlands  
  This difficult technique linoleum print 
  is well done made by Bart. 
  The composition is ok and 
  he made a beautiful print. 
  Bart keep on going and you will find 
  your way in art.
award 24
  Name: Velma Magers
  Age: 10 years
  Country: Australia 
  Comment: Velma
  You did a great job.
  It looks that you put a mirror in the 
  I like this and that is the reason I put
  it on my site.
award 26
  Name: Henk v Staveren 
  Age: 9 years
  Country: Netherlands  
  Comment; Henk
  You made this with oil colors
  A technique where you can put a 
  lot of color against next to each 
  When I see this drawing I think 
  again of the beginning of the 
  long winters in Holland.
  Job well done.



All of you congratulations!
Your are really artists!!!

You want to be an artist too? 
Send your art piece now for reviewing.


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