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Kids Corner 3
Gold award 1/5

GOLD AWARD 11 / 16 year
This award is for children who published on this page.
They receive this award as crown on his/her perfect art work.
I hope you as parents will motivate your child in art.
You create a child who is open for other people.

award 27
  Marlo Weijgers
  Country: Netherlands
  Age: 13

  Nice drawing Marlo
  Will make your wish come thrue.
  Keep drawing
award 28
  Windy Yanica Galea
  Country: Malta
  Age: 13

  Great work Yanica!
  You can see that you are drawing a lot.
  I saw your other pictures on your website.
  You are very talented.
  Keep going!


award 29


  Windy Samantha Gray
  Country: USA
  Age: 14

  Samantha, this is a really good drawing
  The shades are great and you did
  here a good job
  You are very talented!
  Keep going and show more of 
  your work.


award 30


  Windy Snow (1)
  Country: USA
  Age: 12 years old

  A sneaker from the top
  Not bad and you can see that your 
  drawing skills are there.
  Keep going you are talented.
award 31
  Windy Snow (2)
  Country: USA
  Age: 12 years old

  A painting on canvas!
  That's great Windy.
  You do a lot of different work and
  I like this one.
  One small tip;
  Next time place the lighthouse a little bit
  to the right.
award 32

  Amy Brooks 
  Country: USA
  Age: 16

  This drawing is a professional one!
  The colors are great.
  The composition is good and everything
  is on his place.
  Amy, I like it and for sure don't ever 
  give- up your art!


award 33


  Su Wang 
  Country: Ireland
  Age: 16

  The drawing off Su Wang called
  I like it and its a real monster
  The drawing has a lot of details.
  I hope we see more work of Su Wang
  Keep going your great drawing.


award 34


  Blake Harding 
  Country: USA
  Age: 14
  Blake you have it in you fingers.
  How you work with lines is beautiful.
  I think you have to think on making
  animation's or strip books.
  Keep going, this is great.
award 35

  Sarah Colegrove 
  Country: USA
  Sarah is a real artist!
  Right in time she made this entry and
  It was difficulty to make a choice out
  her collection.
  For me some where and some how
  This drawing impressed me.
  That small piece of that second flower.
  Sarah you are for me an real artist!
  Keep going!
  You see more work on page 6
award 36
  Name:Chi Ping-Ho  
  Country: China 
  Age: 14

  This is nice! Composition / Colors and 
  made on own made paper he told me. 
  He put everything in it. He is a real artist!  
  Chi please go on and I hope I see more
  work from you later. 
award 37
  Name: Stephan Johnson 
  Country: USA 
  Age: 14

  Stephan you did a great job. 
  Composition is ok. and it's really scary! 
  I think. I want to see more work from 
  you because you have talent. 
  How you put the colors together! 
  I believe you look sometimes to 
  Mr. van Gogh. 
  Keep going the good painting and we 
  keep in touch.
award 38
  Name: George Rodriquez 
  Country: Venezuela 
  Age: 16

  Comment: George
  You made a colorful drawing. 
  All these colors and working with 
  Nice working with oilcolors, 
  keep going
award 39

  Name: Helvig Knetenmans 
  Country: Belgium
  Age: 15
  Comment: Helvig
  You have a lot of guts.
  Why? Drawing a lot of people 
  sitting and listening.
  Every thing is in this drawing 
  and I love that. The colors: Great!



All of you congratulations!
Your are really artists!!!

You want to be an artist too? 
Send your art piece now for reviewing.


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