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Kids Drawingcourse 1

Drawing Lessons: For you kids ONLY and they are free!

First and most important rule;
Be not afraid! Just start and draw!


Drawing is a natural and human activity.
As long we human here on earth we make drawings.
Look at the first drawings in caves later drawings on pots 
and the beautiful drawings in Egypt.
Later we took it over and do our most drawings on paper.


Drawing 1


Most of these people we called "artists" a word what nobody exactly 
what it means.

For some people you are an "artists" if you create something new.
For others you have to visit a lot of schools take a lot of courses be crazy 
or to draw what other people want.

I think an "artist" is somebody who creates drawings from his heart, 
soul and his mind.
No less No more!

Drawing 2

We have also the word "talent"
"Talent"is a gift who has everybody but for one person is it the "talent" of sell goods 
or the "talent" to talk very smooth and others the "talent" to put something in 
writing on paper or make beautiful  drawings.
To find your "talent" you sit now on school to find out what kind of talent(s) you have.
One of the institutes to express your talents.

We talking over "artists" and "talent" but these are words I don't want to talk more 
about this because you and everybody are born with the gift/talent to draw!!

with the gift/talent to draw!!

Drawing 3

Drawing 4

The most important words are "fear" and "seeing"
Fear because we all are born without fear!
Fear comes with the time you live on this earth and make the
person you are now!
Drawing 5 Seeing is not only looking with your eyes! Yes, we see with our eyes but if you look good you feel also with your eyes. If you so for that you can feel with your eyes you are able to draw everything. Now we are on that point of "I can't draw" The line "can't' you have to take from your list that is a word that stands for "I'm afraid?" Why because you can't draw like me or Picasso, van Gogh, Warhol?? You don't have to do that! These people saw their own way and put that on paper/canvas on their own way in their own style. Now you are sitting here and create your own personal drawing how you see this world or feel this moment or feel these colors. You are now famous behind your table or on the ground! Drawing 6
I like to see very young people drawing because they are not afraid of making mistakes
They draw not what other people want or like! No they draw what they feel or see.

If I see these young people drawing I think on a phrase from somebody who told me;
Young people know everything, the only thing we adults have to do is activate it!!

Now I go activate you of be the next generation new earth and space artist!!
I go activate you on the following sections and the rest is up to you!
     1 Learning materials
     2 Holding a pencil
     3 Learning to see
     4 How to set-up an drawing
     5 What to draw
     6 Drawing from life
     7 Drawing from reference material
     8 Working with lines
     9 Learning proportions
   10 Human proportions
   11 Graduated values
   12 Beginning perspective 
   13 Taking art classes

Before we starting I need that you make an commitment with your self.
You have to set your mind of you want to learn to draw.
That you want to make the time and be open for "see and feel" like an artist.
Be one and do it for the full 100%

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