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Kids Schools 2
WELCOME Newborough Primary School 

Welcome on my site!
It's great to have you here at the other site of the world.
You see everything is possible!!

If you have questions / drawings or suggestions, theye are always welcome.


School 2
Welcome Kayla.

This drawing gives me typical feelings about 
Australia. Why? 
You put so much here on this drawing with so
little objects.
Ayres Rock (Uluru) in the background.
The lizard on the same shape rock and the 
This tells me how big and sometime lonely 
Australia must be.
Kayla, you did a great job.
I'm glad I have your drawing on my site!
School 3

She is the big winner of last year "reach for
their dreams" award,
I'm Agree with the teachers.
Now at this moment at 12 years she already 
a real artist!
The lines are free and correct, colors well 
chosen and not afraid of making here own
interpretation.Mieke I ask a teacher of you 
if there is a academy in your city because 
you have to going on in art!
Please show me more work of you.


Stamps made by the Newborough Primary School


School 4

They did it!!
The Newborough Primary School made the first
This one is made by Eleanor, 11 year.
You can see that not only she worked hard on
here design but also did here homework.
I know now where I have to go when I come to 
Eleanor, you did a great job!
School 5
This one is made by Lara.
A beautiful stamp.
Everything is in that stamp.
What I love is the way you put everything nice
and clean on your stamp.
You are a graphic designer Lara!
School 6
He Leight, YOU DID IT!!!
You are on my site!
Great and your stamp design is a good one.
These dingoes with in the background
the Uluru!
You a real artist and with your spirit you will be one!
School 8
Heydan, what you did there is very good.
I like the simple way you put your reptile 
a "thorny devil" on paper.
No more no less that is what I like!
You are for sure a nature lover and look to details.
Heydan you did a perfect job and keep see 
de rest of your life the nature as the way you 
see it now!


From this site of the world, I want to thank Mrs Vicki Miles for here work and mails.
Thanks to here, I was able to show all your art and perfect work on my site!
Mrs Miles, keep going the good work!


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