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Step by step Adolf Hitler
A drawing called
"Adolf Hitler"

Size: 40 X 40 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 



Adolf Hitler
( 20 April 1889 - 30 April 1945/1982 )
Pendrawing 40 X 40 centimeters ( black / white)

This drawing I set up as the last one because I had a suspicion that this would be the most turbulent one.

It took me two weeks to force myself to contact this man before I finally started with this drawing. 
Somehow I was afraid of what I would get, hear and see. 
But on the other hand, I already got through Charlie Chaplin, that something else was going on. 
Differently than constantly was brought out by the press and so the terrible history that is written about this man.

The first contacts we had, it was clearly a completely different energy than was ever represented to us. 
Adolf Hitler was one of the gentlest people I had drawn so far.
 He was a very energetic and positive energy that I saw and felt around me.

Let's start at the beginning as I got his story;

In the years 1915/45 it was misery in the world and this was mostly caused by the powerful people, the great of the greatest. 
Banks were deliberately shut down and money had not even the value of sand! 
Back then the people were deliberately drawn in misery because there was no work, food and they had no life. 
In Germany there was a time that there were seven million unemployed and everything was completely jammed. 
Money was worthless and there was scarcely food. Adolf Hitler was a member of the Freemasons 
and he quickly saw through the actions of this group, therefore he left the lodge.
 That is completely against the rules and because of this action he got problems later on. 
Adolf Hitler analyzed exactly the problem as it was because he had seen and heard too much.

The whole problem was caused by a group of powerful Jews 
who in that time already possessed the world through the money created by themselves. 
They were taken up by getting the world population to its knees through money and the associated banks. 
Adolf Hitler was strongly against the way his people were deceived by 
some English and American empower and went into battle against these rulers.

He launched the plan to exile the financial rulers / businessmen, who were all Jews. 
The powerful Jews were put aside and the economy grew and grew. 
and then there came up a problem that he did not know where that came from; 
The Jew-hatred was born and the hatred went so far that in many people's eyes no Jew could have good intentions any longer! 
That was difficult to see because the Jews strongly supported each other and they certainly possessed many crucial matters. 
Banks, food and anything that could bring in money, the Jews were behind. 
and that brought the hatred to the Jews to unprecedented levels and slaughter of this branch of humanity.

The hatred to the Jews was not the intent that Adolf Hitler had in mind. 
After all, his natural mother was a bastardized Jewish and this was 
constantly suppressed and she was recognized as being Catholic. 
Adolf Hitler repeatedly expressed that it was not him who had this hatred fueled. 
He had amassed very strong people around him, who also introduced
 their own laws and rules and even worse, which they performed.
 Thatís why Adolf Hitler had lost control and thus the infiltration of Freemasonry clearly came out. 

By creating this hatred, done by the members who were still attached to Freemasonry, 
Adolf Hitler got the world against him, just what was needed. 
The world propaganda was only destruction and death, 
not that he gave everyone work, food, and gave to the people their dignity back. 
No, the propaganda was the Jew-hatred which was totally drawn 
out of context by members of his former group Freemasonry. 
These members who deliberately created camps where terrible things were done. 
Let it just be that these members often belonged to the same club 
and exactly fit into the anti - propaganda of England and America!

The story was even further pulled out of context and Adolf Hitler lost his grip on his group around him. 
The group had achieved its goal because everything was bombed 
and people did not know what was good and evil (chaos). 
The Gestapo practices came from the Freemason, 
and were presented to Adolf Hitler in such a way, as it was about keeping a group under control. 
Nevertheless the Jews came back and they occupy quickly all key positions. 
Adolf Hitler and Rotschield family were definitely not friends 
and Adolf Hitler got wise to the method of this powerful family.

Nevertheless, Adolf Hitler had a lot of support from people who have sensed his energy. 
Including Charlie Chaplin who, as being a joke, brought out the good things about Adolf Hitler. 
That explains also the famous speech of Charlie Chaplin where he as 
a character of Adolf Hitler, made his apology to the world. 
This speech, most of it, came from Adolf Hitler and Charlie Chaplin experienced exactly what was happening to this man; 
The impotence, ignorance, hatred and envy, all together with chaos! Charlie Chaplin also seemed not 
to be a true friend of the Freemason and that has cost him in many cases much resistance.

Other than that the history is indicated, 
Adolf Hitler did not die by suicide in 1945 but had a natural death in 1982 in Chile. 
Adolf Hitler together with a select group succeeded to run away. 
What striking was that Adolf Hitler among other had addressed to Charlie Chaplin 
and he also had warned John F Kennedy for the dirty organization. 
For John F Kennedy this warning was too late.

Adolf Hitler knew after a while that he was a target, not directly from the world but from his former club. 
He had a double who came in those places which Hitler did not trust. 
This man was so lifelike that one certainly could not make out, only a DNA test could have proved that. 
ďThe show must go onĒ he repeated many times. 
Because Adolf Hitler saw his whole act as a show against his enemies the Jews, 
who possessed the world through the Freemason and the associated side branches.

He himself one could see only at big and important events. He was only there 
where he thought he was needed. Several shows were done by his double. 
That certainly sounds strange about a man you can hear or see every day.
 Unfortunately it was too late when he noticed that his former club 
hatched a plot against him and so put him in a very bad light.
 The smear campaigns paid by the Jews in America and England were huge and thatís 
why people started doubting the good intentions that this man had and was performing.

The good of Adolf Hitler and his soft innerself, was completely converted to a sick and obsessed man. 
He was not sick and certainly not in his head. 
For me, Adolf Hitler clearly showed that he was one of those people 
who wanted to give people their freedom, work, home, food and a car. 
The dream of each human here on earth, especially for those days. 
His goodness was bent to a satanic character, like they work in the Freemason till this day.

The drawing of Adolf Hitler was a total surprise to me and has given me 
a completely different picture of the history and those who write history. 
For what is history? Is it an imposition of a judgment seen from the viewpoint of the Freemason?

As additional information 
Adolf Hitler wrote a third book "Mein Kampf III" about his life after the war.


11-11-2013 is a black day for us, the artist, around the world.

Around 13:00 PM local time, I placed my newest drawing on my Facebook wall. 
It was the last Pen and Ink drawing I made for my newest book.
I was after several weeks of hard working happy that this drawing came out my hand and was excited to show it to my friends. 

After 15 minutes Facebook took the drawing of my wall and for 12  hours 
my wall was closed for everything! My wall was banned by Facebook  computers.
I was banned from Facebook because they do not like my pendrawing!              

What the person was or what the history is, does not mean that  Facebook can take away ART for showing. 
ART is as long as human kind exists, a free expression of human kind. ART is the inside energy of each human being. 
It canít be that Facebook believes  that they can control human beings even in their expression in ART!

I hope that Facebook will consider this. Sadly that facebook looks more communistic than other countries on our world. 



If you want to know more about mr. Adolf Hitler's thoughts.
See his original book "Mein Kampf 1 and 2"

Mein Kampf

FBI rapports Hitler was alive after World War II

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