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Step by step Alexander Amsberg
A drawing called
""Alexander Amsberg"

Size: 40 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 




Mr. van Amsberg, better known as 
King Willem Alexander 
born; April 27, 1967 

 Once again I want to let you know that the words came out of the mouth (heart and soul) of Willem Alexander. 
Thatís what he set free from the energy world and I got his permission to release this part. 
To be perfectly clear these are NOT the words of the writer. 
While drawing this man it has been very hard to listen to him and to record his information. 
He came almost immediately with the first message that he was seriously ill and for that reason Maxima 
was already postponed as Queen in order to accustom the people to this title. 

He also came out with the authenticity of his person and the connection with the royal family. 
"Genetically little royal blood will be found in me," was his remark. 
"Therefore, there should be no DNA of mine come out. Just investigate the problems / secrecy about my birth." He continued: 
"My upbringing was mostly done by obscure people. 
Look what has been written about the ladies between 1927 and 1993, little or nothing.
" Ms. Ottoline Antoinette (Lieke) Gaarlandt-van Voorst van Beest is the first one they mentioned. 

Alexander continued his story; "A lot has happened within the walls of the palaces. 
Besides that the ladies controlled my education, there was also a team of scientists and psychologists imposing much indoctrination.
" England somehow had also something to do with it, but he did not say much about that. 

Through the world of energy Alexander also passed on the following: 
- "Just look for example at the connections with the new generation of Nazi people and the death of Pim Fortuyn and Els Borst. 
It would be arranged from the 'group' that they had to disappear."
- "Similarly with the death of Friso, which was to be settled from the palace." That was described by him as a 'test'. 
- "My last 'test' was in Netherlands Antilles where a child was sacrificed recently." 
- "You and your wife were there protesting against child suffering and my mother responded quite upset after seeing your boards. 
She knew that this 'test' was taken that night before."
- "Furthermore, you know already that there are various drug connections." 
- "One of your biggest real estate developers is one of my best friends." 
- "I had to stand back a little, especially after we get married." 
As an artist I got so much dirt on me that I could not finish the drawing of this man. 
I stopped and made no background because I could no longer bear to spend more time with him.
 This person is totally brainwashed and prepared for playing king before his early death. 
They know what is coming and it's so sad all the things I was told here. 
Many things I am not allowed to publish, as he requested expressly. 
This is what one may know for now and I do not want to mention anything more about this person. 
It is too intense and heavy that it exists in a simple human life.

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