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Step by step Barack Obama
A drawing called
"Barack Obama"

Technique: Pen and Ink / Pencil
Size: 40 X 50 cm
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Barack Obama (Jeffery Henderson) B 0 (zero)
August 4, 1961
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

Barack Obama (Jeffery Henderson) B 0 (zero) 

While drawing Barack Obama codename B 0 (zero) a strange world was opened to me. 
When I was drawing the eyes, I realized that these eyes did not belong to a dark person. 
Right at the beginning of drawing the pupils I had a shocking experience. 
The eyes were identical to those of Adolf Hitler, something you do not expect with a dark person. 
Furthermore, it appeared that this man is raised for the most part by and in a laboratory many levels deep under the ground. 
He can be born as a human being but through him much came up about experiments and manipulations. 
The ideal colored man had to be created and this is the first of its kind. 
As a leader of a world cannot but that these people have been terribly manipulated 
and brainwashed with information they need in the future. 

It is shown, while drawing, that this person is a half computer half man 
and that his entire life has been planned for the post where he is now. 
The intention is to clear him away after he is no longer needed or if he brings out too much information. 
His life is nothing more than a number, a project and itís over after having achieved his goal. 
His mother, who should live in Hawaii and his distant brother are simple players in the game. 
In a part of his life his name was Jeffery Henderson, but as an experiment, 
he was described as B 0 (zero). B 0 (zero) became Barack Obama. 

In the time that he had to fulfill his assignments at the highest post, was / is 
one of his most obvious tasks, creating disorder and labeling people. 
The experiments with high frequencies were and are still done increasingly 
and people cannot explain the wave of violence, drugs and pains.
 The various natural disasters caused by these frequencies are worse, such as in Japan and around the world. 
It was a punishing to, among others, Japan for stealing many ideas.
 Russia is on the list as well and they will be faced with some problems too. 
Russia is in fact completely independent but strange things can always happen in nature and with people. 

Returning to the experiments with people in Area 53, on the 24 and 36 floors deep under the ground; 
There is a new generation coming out with the code A 0 (zero), included a woman and she will put through the big change.
 The experiments with frequencies will be increased as to enforce business to large countries 
like China and Russia, but also to take over. 
The world is slowly taken over by a new generation of manipulated humans / half robots 
and apparently the new kings and leaders are all part of it. 
Barack Obama is the weirdest person I've drawn so far, and many strange things have become clear to me. 
B 0 (zero) is the first of its kind and is the first experiment that has come out and that works in this kind of positions. 
There will be more to follow as the world can no longer be ruled by an unstable man. 

Citation: With this drawing, I was drawn into the core of a matrix that is almost impossible to comprehend. 
In this person (for it is not really a human being) there was no soul. However, through his energy he was an open book. 
With the creation of this type of "beings", they think to have everything under control, 
but they forget that a soul is not something that just can be created, 
let alone a person who can supposedly hide / cover everything. B 0 (zero) is a robot from a former genre.
 The human has been used, but the soul is gone and it is filled with information. 
The newer generation is already available but itís impossible to shield the energy, and put a soul. 
I know, Iím writing "science fiction" and chatting some, 
but this information will fit exactly into the pattern of life of man on this planet. 

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