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Step by step Betico Croes
A drawing called
""Betico Croes"

Size: 40 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 



Gilberto François “Betico” Croes
January 25 , 1938 - November 26 , 1986
At one time during the night Mr. Croes drew my attention telling me: “I am killed.” 
I did not draw him yet, and it was not my intention to do so. 
But that night, through that message I got the sign that I should draw him.

With some scouring on the Internet several pictures came out and after some scrolling 
this picture was constantly going through my head. 
Therefore, I have chosen this photo of Mr. Croes, because in here he was pure and open.
While setting it up, there was already a part of his history released, included his crusade to the independence, 
his tragic accident and the time he was in coma. 
While drawing, he started to pass on information about the murder he already had announced during that particular night.
“I am killed for the reason that I did not want to join America after our independence!  
Several times I was approached by that organization from the political America who keeps the mafia under control worldwide. 
I do not want American interference but neither from a church. I want my country clean.” 
He continued with the phrases; “The Netherlands is the slave of America. 
I do not want either that The Netherlands imposes us any will, by using America. 
My main goal was to separate from Curaçao and the other islands.
 That, because otherwise The Netherlands (read America) would still interference on our island Aruba.” 
By shaking off this dominance, Mr. Croes had to deal with security issues and laws which are applied in small rooms. 
In fact much is done beyond laws and rules. 
There are among other things, contracts to be signed which a country (island) needs to adhere. 
Later another political person was killed for the same reasons. 
As Minister of Justice or as Attorney General, things are imposed on you by the Netherlands on behalf of America.

Mr. Croes knew about that and thought  through independence to be released. 
By constantly refusing to sign those contracts, he was threatened several times. 
He did not report that (could not either), because he was a free man without any security. 
Time was going too fast, and the day before the big independence, a last attempt was made forcing him to sign these contracts.
 After refusing, something was applied to him and due to this he lost control while driving to another location. 
To be absolutely safe and as a kind of backup, another car was hunted him according to a plan.

They certainly did not expected that he would remain in coma for such a long time. 
The organization involved therefore in three occasions has sent someone to complete the job. 
That did not work, until by the 4th attempt they succeeded to take away Mr. Croes life.

Directly after the accident some contracts still got the necessary signatures, as everything was settled during that day.
 The last information I got from Mr. Croes is that the whole independence, as it is started after his death, 
was NOT the independence he has defended till the last day. 
By not signing the contracts Aruba would be legally separated from the Netherlands, 
and free from America as being the protectors of the Mafia. 
“THAT was my intention. THAT was my dream. 
To be separated from those countries which maintain the Mafia. Free from the modern slavery”.
Beside all of that, some more information came up who these men are and what they are doing, 
and also the problem from which Mr. Croes wanted to be released. 
Unfortunately I did not have his consent to bring that out, and as an artist I must respect that. 
But according to Mr. Croes, the data above should give some people enough clues about what happened with Aruba.

“Once someone may get up.” 

And then Mr. Croes was silent.

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