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Step by step Churandy Martina
A drawing called
"Churandy Martina"

Technique: Pen and Ink 
Size: 40 X 50 cm

One of are fastest runners on this planet.
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Churandy Martina
( 3 July 1984 - )
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)
He is born in Curacao and is one of the top athletes in the short distances. 
I just wanted to know what was going on in an athlete during the world championships. 
So right at that time I started with this drawing.
I just started and noticed that it was not going well with him at that time. 
Shortly thereafter when I put down the pen,
I heard that he was suffering from an old groin injury.
There were a lot of treatments on that injury though in his interviews he did indifferently about it.
I wrote  him a mail immediately:
Churandy, “you did your best” but you were not focused on your run!
I am drawing you and while you were running, you were too busy with your injury. 
Keep focusing on your run and ask your body to bring you towards your goal. 
If your body tells you that it can not, then do not go further. 
Is the body "one" with you, then go for that medal you want so badly. 
Forget your injury, which is quite easy to cure by your self. 
By doing so, you allow yourself being affected and that is not needed.
You already know that you're champion, now the unfolding of all that.
I hope to talk with you once about this, here on Curaçao.
GO FOR IT ! ! John
He answered me almost immediately and he told me that he was not really in pain and that he was full concentrated. 
But his problem is the start.

That was exactly what I wrote him. His start is his pain and he is too much focused on his start! 
That's why the pain in his groin constantly appears.

But I did not want to bother him any longer during the tournament and hoped that he would 
talk about it in Curaçao, when he was here and would accept the drawing, like he promised. 
Unfortunately, he did not keep his promise and apparently did not want to know 
what is really lacking in his last step to become number 1.

His first main run was perfect, other than that he was on the line, 
but his energy was optimal. Now you see forced energy and a lot of pain.

Too bad he does not want to take just that last step, due to his own blockade.

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