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Step by step (Family1)

Drawing of the family van Drunen

Mother, Father and 3 children
Format 45 X 50 cm
Technique: Pastels - Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 
Day 1                
Today I make the first setup on duifjes paper 
The size of the drawing  will be 40 X 35 cm 
The most important thing is to decide the composition
I made scetches on small pieces of paper till I find the 
right composition.
First I draw the most important lines in pencil of each 
  After I made the first setup that same day. I began on the top left with the mother. With pen & ink I draw the first lines I need them because later I will color it with pastels. Everything looks hard and some proportions I had to recalculate them.
Day 2  
After applying the pastel colors I'm working over and 
over with combination of color pencil and black and 
white pencils. 
So I get the right face on paper and the person who is 
behind that face.
Small adjustments will be made by a fine scalpel.
I decided to do that later. 

I finished very late that night (11:30)

Day 3

I decided to go over to the father on the top right of the drawing. I made first the Pen and Ink lines. After that I fill in the pendrawing with color pastels. You have to find the right color of the skin because this will be the layer I will come back later by finishing the drawing.


Day 4

This day every thing is going well and I finished the father. Small adjustments will be made later. I never look too long at one person. If you do that you get problems of over working that drawing.



Finishing some small parts of both of the two persons. Still I'm not satisfied but will correct this later. I will get the persons complete!


Today (still 5th day)

I started with the third person, the girl in the middle. I have to make the balance of her soft face and the hard eyes. The eyes have to tell everything in a person but sometimes It looks a different person around the eyes. After setup the line drawing I know tomorrow everything will be going smooth.


Day 6

Yes it is going fine. I found a way to make this girls eyes one and I began with different color pencil.

Same day 6
I have to put her eyes exactly on paper because they are 
beautiful and full of life.
What to do with the face? Make it harder?
Today it's enough and monday I will finish this part.
Day 7                
Back to the girl I find out I have to put first her hair around 
the face.
That way I get a perfect balance between the eyes and the
rest of her face. 
This day I spend the whole day on her. 

Day 8

My other problem is the boy left under. By study this boy I find some technical problems. This boy is around 20 but has some marks of an older man. I have to draw him but try to bring the old face characters on the background.

Same Day (8)  
The first step was: put the pastels as background on the 
perfect spot. 
With a gum I made some lighter spots for later.

Day 9

After the pastel I'm working over and over with combination of color pencil and black and white pencils to get the right face of the person who is behind that face. I know this is not finished but I have to stop. It is too late. At this moment I don't find the answers of the questions coming up.


Day 10

This day was a day of adjustments between the different people. From left to right up, and down. I have to make these adjustments now!! Why? Don't ask me, maybe to find the answers.


Day 11

I came very far and everything is going smooth.Started with the boy right


Day 11 Same day

I came very far and everything is going smooth. I made this picture because you see him now in red hair. I need that as layer under his real color.


Day 12

Yes, today was the day of finishing everything. Put the parents behind the children and make a complete balance between the three children. This is what I like the most, working on details.


Last day, day 13

Yes my last day working on this drawing. Making a few small adjustments with Pen and Ink . After that I make the background. Everything in ballance? That was my question over and over. Everything in balance? Yes, stop, pencil down............ That's it!!!!

  Detail Son left under
  Detail Son right under
  Detail Daugther
  Detail Father
  Detail Mother


I made this drawing in 13 days and worked over 142 hours on it. In the final drawing days I found the balance I want. Father and mother a little bit in the background the children in perfect colors and balance in the foreground. It was a difficult mission.

Drawing 5 people on one piece of paper is not an easy job. All by all, a drawing with a lot of new problems and answers for me.

I want to thank the v. Drunen family for their cooperation and order.

For a large image click on the final piece


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