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Step by step (Girl1)
A drawing called
"A special girl

Size: 30 X 20 cm
Technique: Pastels - Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 

Step 1

The first lines in pencil You need them for guidelines to have the right proportions.


Step 2

The eyes, The most important part in a drawing. The eyes tells everybody how and who the person is. I do it this time with small dots because I decided to make the drawing different from others


Step 4

After the eyes we make the shades around these eyes. Look for the darker parts and place the points more against each other. The light parts you can do with a almost dry pen. Mostly with a full pen with ink I start with the dark parts and as the pen is almost dry I go to the light parts


Step 5

Now I working on the rest of the face. Its important before you begin with nose and mouth. Later I began with the nose. Balance is important, balance between the light and dark parts.

Step 6

After the nose I finished first as nuch as possible the whole face.
So I get a total view of the dark and lighter parts.
Now I start with the mouth with some thin lines to get the lips 
first dark parts when I start later with my points



Step 7

Now the mouth is almost done. Now its time to spend more time to get the face in balance. With placing point everywher


Step 8

The face is now almost done and I started with the hair. So you see if the face have problems in the proportions or details.


Step 9

Only a few small details have to change after today. I finished the complete face, haire and neck. Its almost done now.


Step 10




Keep seeing small details I have to change.


Step 12



Final drawing

Yes. the final drawing with the background made in soft pastel. Now I put the drawing for several days in front of my table. So I can see if I have to change more things. Next week I bring it to my customer.

For a large image click on the final piece


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