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Step by step Mr. Helmin Magno Wiels
A drawing called
"Mr. Helmin Magno Wiels"

Technique: Pen and Ink 
Size: 40 X 50 cm

Wiels was killed May 05 2013
I was wondering whats behind this man.


Helmin Wiels
( 9 December 1958-5 May 2013 )
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

May 5, 2013 he was assassinated.

            Helmin Wiels was a politician who was strongly against corruption and wanted to make a clean sweep.
While rooting in the mafia he came very close to the source 
which he mentioned in an interview at NRC. 2 days before his death.
Namely the white collar people; Bank, developers and accountants.

The weeks of drawing I got a flood of words thrown over me. It started immediately with an assignment; 
I should take on the battle of Mr. Wiels. 
I declined and showed him the color of my skin. 
“Do you think someone will listen to me?” 
I asked Mr. Wiels. He laughed out loud and told me “You 'll find a way.” Mr. Wiels continued his plea and said;

" Unfortunately, if you do not take on the case all what I’ve done have been for nothing, 
and now I'm lying in a coffin because of some cowards.”

Shortly after this Mr. Wiels came with an order for Mr. A. “Give A. the order to take that piece
 of paper in the drawer of the studio where I used to sit and let him bring this to public Ministry.”  
He went straight to the following sentence; “He won’t.”

Mr. Wiels knew that this would not happen and told me; 
“Everyone was after an easy finely seat and that was inconsistent with what I had brought out.” 
What even was more clearly and as he told me, that he was terribly disappointed in people. 
How many times he repeated that, was uncountable. 
“Let not all have been for nothing” were his words, over and over again.

He immediately went on, about who did what. 
He repeated several times; “I am betrayed by my two close associates. 
There were only two people who knew the link I gave you; 
A woman and a man and I trusted them through and through.”

He told me; “John, the public Ministry and the entire judiciary are stuck to the mafia. It goes very far, very deep. 
My murder will never be solved because it comes from our accountant corner! 
and no one can or dare to deal with that because it is deeply rooted 
in the mafia and which protects many things on this island.”

He asked me again to take over the case. “The data I will pass on to you. 
What, my computer? No, do not worry. The original papers are safe somewhere else.” 
I told him that I am not the one because I am too much in the spotlight. 
Again he laughed out loud and shouted; “and so what?”

In the past I had every now and then people who let loose a lot 
but with Mr. Wiels it was a sea of information and I do not know where to start. 
In a few weeks of drawing time I was doused with many years of his work. 
Still I ask him some things and he explains me clearly what he knows. But what can I do? 
For, how should I handle a complete mafia if I do not get the support of any judicial area whatsoever? 
All those people who themselves are in this business. 
It’s not that I will withhold and so you can already read many of these cases in this book. 
However, who is going to tackle this juristically? 
Who will deal with politics? 
and who is going to purify the island of the Mafia? 
Until today there is not one reliable person with such courage and that power. 
We’ll wait till this person will show up. I leave that to Mr. Wiels.

I myself had an important question for Mr. Wiels and it was a nice opportunity. 
The question was; “Why did you regularly let me down in public Mr. Wiels while you did handle all cases I sent 
you and you have worked with the whole scenario of PBV my political party?”
His answer was: “John. You and I could not be seen together, we were not meant for each other. 
Nevertheless I did a research about you and came to the terrible truth you're in and what you constantly tried to bring out. 
Everything I've checked about you based on truth. 
As you know, many times I was nearby your house and that happens when I went to your downstairs neighbor. 
I really meant it when I was on the radio at Mamita Fox and told you that I would make 
a cordon with my people around your house to protect you. 
You were my principal and my confidant though nobody knew.”

Mr. Wiels, it was and still is my true pleasure and we keep in touch..

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