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Step by step Martin Luther King
A drawing called
"Martin Luther King"

Size: 40 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 

The man who act for the American Free mason
Martin Luther King1
  Martin Luther King2
Martin Luther King3

Martin Luther King4

Martin Luther King5   Martin Luther King6

Martin Luther King
( 15 January 1929 - 4 April 1968)
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

A person who has meant quite a lot for the black community and at that time being he was a man who dared to say much. 
He even knew how to get large groups of people around him and listen to him. 
The first shocking statement of Martin Luther King was striking.

This turns out; Martin Luther King made his speeches under the supervision of, and with the U.S. state! 
His speeches were determined and approved by the American system and their players! 
It turned out that he had gotten the order to get the black population under his control 
and to manipulate them so that they may serve the new American system. 
The “American dream” was applied for them too, to a limited extent. 
Not that they got the same rights and incomes as the white people. 
The contract was clearly to give this people still “a dream”. Isn’t it?

“I have a dream” was nothing more than to prepare the black community for the changes coming their way. 
Meanwhile, in the year 2013, there is still the Klu Klux Klan and black people are still not treated equally as the white ones. 
To lift that up again, for now, they conjured Obama and now it is his turn to give hope to those people. 
False hope, because again the black population will be the first ones 
(and that is already going on) who is subjected to various experiments. 
Puppet Obama can only watch what it is imposed from above.

Martin Luther King felt a power and he was careless. 
He deviated from his imposed speeches and therefore he was frequently called by the “bigwigs”. 
For a moment Martin Luther King thought that he actually had power and he really thought his dream was to come out. 
The U.S. quickly put that dream to an end by giving him a bullet. So the dream evaporated and thus the black experiment.

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