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Step by step Michael "Cave"
A drawing called
Michael "cave"

Size: 30 X 40 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 
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Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 - June 25, 2009)

In 2016 I started a new drawing of about 35 by 50 cm and put it on a piece of paper.
When setting up, immediately a strange world opened and when I put the background in it I completely collapsed. I had just completed the intense drawing "People with another vision" and thought to respond myself to this new drawing. That launch failed completely and I got completely tangled up with my drawing. Months passed and it was more than a year that I have touched neither pen nor pencil. The drawing of Michael was pushed aside and after more than a year of not drawing I started with another drawing of an old man. I felt like trying a totally different technique in pen drawing. I made that drawing without any problems and I am satisfied with the result.

After that drawing, the drawing of Michael came up again and I put it on my drawing board once again. I looked at it, grabbed my pen and started with his eyes. The dreaded happened, of course, and I ended up in this person's life. When drawing the eyes they appeared to be woman's eyes and the deeper I got into the soul, it became clear that it was a "female soul". Michael Jackson, drawn from a picture of that year, was a woman!

It went much further in the journey of the soul as it became clear that the young Michael shortly before his voice changed, disappeared from the earth's surface and a converted woman with a high voice replaced him. The surgeries, skin changes were nothing more than a transformation to the new Michael Jackson!

I was completely upset, all the information that can be seen and how they have turned this young boy so to maintain his high voice and adapt it to the need of show business! For, in a terrible way the boy Michael has been replaced by a female player. After many shocking images something came up which is difficult to place because Michael is still alive! Yes, there are more artists that have disappeared but his energy is still clear! Now, that can only mean that the older female Michael (the substitute) has been murdered but the boy of the male sex, Michael, is still alive! He is still active in the music and his compositions come out through strange channels.

With this discovery the statement came where Michael is and then I come to the cave that appears in this drawing. No, he does not live directly in a cave but he lives underground and protected by our global organization which protects, in their eyes, very famous and important souls to the last. We are talking about the male Michael and NOT the female who has taken over his role and must die for it!

When marking the background, the clear confirmation came that the boy Michael definitely is alive and hiding somewhere in an underworld (cave). The female Michael was murdered as she took a life of her own. That was the reason the female Michael had to be cleaned up, as the process of child abuse and "using" children failed.
The real Michael Joseph Jackson is still alive but we will never hear from him again and we will not see anything of him directly. The most powerful club from the Vatican has these matters well in hand and there are no possibilities to switch between these two worlds.

The drawing has released a lot for me and what is processed in the background says enough. Although people think that a lot comes loose in this time, the secrets are greater. Secrets, not for normal people but reserved for the "choosen ones".









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