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Step by step Mr. Miquel Pourier
A drawing called
"Miquel Pourier"

Technique: Pen and Ink / Pencil
Size: 40 X 50 cm

Mr. Pourier was an antillean polician


Miguel Pourier
( 29 September 1938 - 23 March 2013 )
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

A man who has left me quite impressed after several times I had spoken to him. 
The man with whom I have argued seriously once in a while.

There was a time the policy was very unstable and it was decided to introduce 
business people in order to give to politics a business impulse. Mr. Pourier became Prime Minister. 
Because his political party did not have the full majority, 
he must work at that time together with another party, including a PNP coalition that was really corrupt. 
I have written Mr. Pourier several times, even talked with him about this matter over the phone. 
The only thing he kept repeating was; that he could direct and determine his people, 
but he was powerless to the coalition which he knew they were not right.

R. C. was one of them. A man who in exchange for money gave permission to a big project. 
He also made ??a lot of money with his okay that the dolphins could come on Curaçao. 
He confirmed this openly on Tele Curaçao and on the radio! "Everything has a price," was his statement in the press. 
The interview was for Mr. Pourier a thorn in his side, 
because just during that time he was trying to persuade the IMF to remove the antillean from the doldrums. 
Because of these ridiculous statements and corrupt acts, 
which later were repeated by other party members of this RC, the IMF put the limit for help increasingly higher.

While drawing, the integrity of Mr. Pourier came clearly up. It was very 
obvious that he had suffered a lot, due to the dirty corrupt politics around him. 
There were even frictions in his own party called PAR, all about issues that were going on too honestly.
It became very clearly to him that in fact, it’s not the politics who are in charge but it’s the 
Mafia who carried out the orders and they only carried out things that were commissioned by Freemason. 
Money was and is what determines in politics.

Furthermore, Mr. Pourier let us know that he was in pain of this betrayal, 
but also because of the failure, concerning the conversations and commitments with IMF. 
Later on IMF had admitted that they went too far and that happened under pressure of the Dutch politics (read Freemasonry). 
But what good is an apology if your energy is already affected by this dirty politics.

He was a sick man who was embittered and who saw by politics, the hell behind closed doors. 
Doing business is one thing, but there is also doing business on the Mafia way! 
Moreover, if you as a big businessman get instructed by blunderers from Freemasonry, 
who have nothing at all to do with justice and fairness, then you as a sincere person will collapse quickly by that sort of things.

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