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Step by step Mr. Nelson Mandela
A drawing called
"Mr. Nelson Mandela"

Size: 40 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink - Color / Black pencil 

Mr. Nelson Mandela A remarkable man.

A remarkable proverb he told me:

"In prison I was a free man. 
After I was released I was a prisoner!"



Nelson Mandela
( 18 July 1918 - June 2013 )
Pendrawing 40 X 50 centimeters ( black / white)

Nelson Mandela, a very special person and who told me the very first day “I'm dead”. 
According to the press he is still alive but his energy says definitely something else. 
We have not seen him for a long time neither heard from him. 
Doctors had the opinion that he should fall asleep but his family
 imaged themselves seeing him walking in the hospital.

“I 'm dead John” I heard time and time again.

When I came out with that in the media, there was a flood over me
 of not too pleasant words. However, I constantly heard “I 'm dead”. 
Once the time will be conclusive because once the power of the family will fall and then the true stories will pop up. 
But, about his family there were not too good news. “They have made a show of my captivity. 
I had to be an example and they made the stories around me.” 
He was in various prisons and had been given a stamp of a political prisoner. 
By doing so it would once bring him the presidency. Africa needed a hero and that was Mr. Mandela.

The reason why he is not declared dead is because the family, 
still in a current show, determines the life of Mr. Mandela.
 That will continue until this family will fade and will fall and that is what these people are terribly afraid of. 
The end of Mandela is not their real problem. 
It’s all about their ego that a man is unnecessarily in a lot of pain and is not allowed to die.

Same we see in Aruba with a family Croes who all rely on their deceased 
brother Betico who was murdered by our well-known service.

What also became clear to me in the few words I got, was that there was 
many fabricated and that many things did not come from Mr. Mandela himself.
Mr. Mandela brought that to my attention many times.

“I 'm dead” he told me, “I'm dead”

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