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Step by step New World
A drawing called
"New World"

Technique: Pen and Ink /Soft Pastels 
Size: 40 X 60 cm

One of are fastest runners on this planet.In the present World, there is a lot of war, pain and domination.
But it's painful to see how our children have to survive.
The most awful part of life is fear and that's what the New World wants FEAR!

The final pieceFinally I finished the drawing of two children holding each other. 
I found the photo on the internet (maybe you recognize it). 
While I am drawing I feel the energy and the story behind each person whose lines I put on paper. 
What I found out was that these two children died shortly after the picture was taken! 
The photographer, in my eyes is somebody without 
a heart and soul and wants only these pictures so to make money. 
I can't believe that we humans are so deep down in life that we 
do not care for other souls, but only care for money and ego.
New World1
  New World2
New World3

New World4

New World5
Children in pain
Pendrawing 60 X 50 inches ( color)

Two children, quite alone in a big world where nobody cared for the pain they had at that time.

Two children, supporting each other and actually far from being able to bear so much misery.

It was a very painful drawing, because soon it became clearly to me that the children did not make it. 
The few years they were there on that island they were raised very protectively. 
By heavy violence they were separated from the family who were all killed in their presence. 
They ran away and because of the war and violence, the youngest one was clearly 
seized by panic, and the oldest one offered her protection. 
They also got the bullet and I have experienced that moment intensely.

It is almost impossible to draw so much misery with an open mind. 
You see their lives, their involvement in a family and then this energy shut down abruptly by violence. 
At the time these children were captured, they were still protected by the parental energy 
and the oldest one immediately gave the parental protective behavior to the youngest. 
But the pain and the impotence was too much and what is the need for these children to be in a world not made for them. 
At least they have issued a signal, because they were determined in a photo so to put them once more as a drawing by me.

What shall the signal bring, no one knows but for sure my pain was intense and still is when I look at this drawing.

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