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Step by step People with another vision (Hirohito)
A drawing called
"People with another vision"

Technique: Pen and Ink
Size: 70 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen & Ink
Hirohito 1
Hirohito 2
People with another vision

This is the way how the world should see this person.
Source Wikipedia

Emperor Showa, April 29, 1901  January 7, 1989) was the 124th Emperor of Japan 
according to the traditional order, reigning from December 25, 1926, until his death on January 7, 1989. 
Although better known outside of Japan by his personal name Hirohito, in Japan,
he is now referred to primarily by his posthumous name Emperor Showa. 
The word Showa is the name of the era that corresponded with the Emperor's reign, 
and was made the Emperor's own name upon his death. In Japanese, 
the reigning Emperor is referred to without a personal name as 
"his Majesty the Emperor" or "his current Majesty" . 
The name Hirohito means "abundant benevolence".

At the start of his reign, Japan was already one of the great powers  
the ninth-largest economy in the world after Italy, the third-largest naval power, 
and one of the four permanent members of the council of the League of Nations.
He was the head of state under the limitation of the Constitution 
of the Empire of Japan during Japan's imperial expansion, 
militarization, and involvement in World War II. 
After the war, he was not prosecuted for war crimes as many other leading government figures were, 
and his degree of involvement in wartime decisions remains controversial among historians to this day. 
During the postwar period, he became the symbol of the new state and Japan's recovery, 
and by the end of his reign, Japan had emerged as the world's second largest economy.
What is the true story?
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