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Step by step People with another vision (Paul Pot )

A drawing called
"People with another vision"
Paul Pot 

Technique: Pen and Ink
Size: 70 X 50 cm
Technique: Pen & Ink
Pol Pot 1
Pol Pot 2
Pol Pot 3
People with another vision

This is the way how the world should see this person.
Source Wikipedia

Pol Pot 19 May 1925 – 15 April 1998),born Saloth Sar, 
was a Cambodian socialist revolutionary who led the Khmer Rouge from 1963 until 1997. From 1963 to 1981, 
he served as the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Kampuchea.
As such, he became the leader of Cambodia on 17 April 1975, when his forces captured Phnom Penh. From 1976 to 1979, 
he also served as the prime minister of Democratic Kampuchea.

He presided over a totalitarian dictatorship that imposed a radical form of agrarian socialism on the country. 
His government forced urban dwellers to move to the countryside to work in collective farms and forced labour projects. 
The combined effects of executions, forced labour, malnutrition and poor medical 
care caused the deaths of approximately 25 percent of the Cambodian population.
 In all, an estimated 1 to 3 million people (out of a population of 
slightly over 8 million) died due to the policies of his four-year premiership

In 1979, after the Cambodian–Vietnamese War, Pol Pot fled to the jungles 
of southwest Cambodia, and the Khmer Rouge government collapsed.
 From 1979 to 1997, he and a remnant of the old Khmer Rouge operated 
near the border of Cambodia and Thailand, where they clung to power, 
with nominal United Nations recognition as the rightful government of Cambodia. 
Pol Pot committed suicide in 1998 while under house arrest by the Ta Mok faction of the Khmer Rouge. 
Since his death, rumours that he was poisoned have persisted.
What is the true story?
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