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Step by step (Keanu Reeves)
A drawing called
"Keanu Reeves"

Size:60 X 40 cm
Technique: Pen& Ink Color pencil
Reeves3   Reeves4
Reeves5   Reeves6
Reeves7   Reeves8
Reeves9   Reeves10
Reeves11   Reeves13
Reeves13   Reeves14





Personal mail to Mr. Reeves

So far I drew hundreds of people, famous ones and people I know.
Not ever before I had this experience while making a drawing.
Sadly enough we live far away from each other and the chance is very small that we will ever meet and so I can't tell you what I saw and where I came in while drawing your face.
It's not allowed to write it down here or send it in a mail because this information is not meant for others and will be dangerous if it gets in the wrong hands.
Therefore I want to thank you for the information you gave me.

Maybe, maybe one day I can share with you what I saw.

It's a strange world and I am grateful that there are people like you on this world.

John H Baselmans-Oracle


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