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Your work is the best I've seen yet

the same----but very different, perhaps in the dimension of time?
In the ape, I see the wide eyed look of expectation, a beginning, and 
maybe a bit of apprehension, while it's mouth seems on the verge of 
voicing an uncertainty, while the downcast almost closed eyes of the 
man bespeak a lifetime of disilusionment, sorrow, and an ending----
when I focus on his mouth, he seems on the verge of crying.
The foliage being lush and green by the ape reinforces the feeling of 
promise, and a beginning, while the faded foliage on the side of the 
man reinforce a concept of an ending.
....Perhaps equally (if not more) important(ly), John: Your showing 
us the steps you took in the evolution of the art of this drawing, 
from the cartoon outlines to the focused beginnings of the eyes and 
gradual expansion of the finished art, are a valuable lession for any 
of us artist and make the piece a download must, to share with any 
artists who wander before these computer screens.
.....Thank you John for your caring sharing humanity.

Extraordinary piec. Got the info from the
Arts High page. Graduate of Class of '75. 
Great work John.

Bravo John. You did a terrific job on this. 
I look forward to seeing your next project idea.

As always have me saying WOW again!  I have to agree with the last post...
your detail is amazing!  As far as the ape looking like the man..
I disagree although I do feel the connection quite well between the two.  
I would like to know more about this new group your starting.  
The "matrix" subject has such depth.  In fact there is a new book out called 
Children of the Matrix that I think I'm gonna have to read soon. 
Anyway, please keep us posted and keep up the fantastic work!
Joan :)
Hope you all have a wonderful and creative week!

Beautiful! also very suggestive. 
I don't think it's so much that the ape looks like the man as that the ape looks very human 
and thoughtful. It kinda makes you wonder, Is the ape thinking about the man? or the man 
thinking about the ape? It's amazing how human animals can sometimes seem, and in this 
drawing you can get a feeling of the oneness of nature and man.

I just love the ape/man picture. I truely appreciate you're realistic style ;)
Funny I had to become a member of an international forum to discover the art of a Belgian ...
And since I presume the artist is Flemish: some words in Dutch
Ik vind dit dus echt heel goed en heel realistisch, met veel oog voor detail afgewerkt ...
't Is wel grappig eigenlijk dat ik uw werk op dit internationaal forum ontdek ...
Groetjes uit Antwerpen,

Our drawing is beautiful, John, the execution, coloring, shading, and perspective are all 
wonderful. Looking forward to seeing your next piece.

Wow! Gopal

John:  Your work is amazing - 
I enjoy viewing every one of your works.  You are truly talented. 
Barbara Smith

Great job John
I like me so much the man have own personality mmmmmm the ape  
I dont know !!! so looks very good !

Looks great, John.

I love the expressions on their face! Cant wait to see the cobra man!

Dear John,
Your ape man is wonderful!  Kind of pulls you into the eyes. Is it oil pastels that you use?
I always admire and enjoy your work.  Thank you so much for sharing your vision with us.  
It inspires me to keep plugging away at my own creations of which I am much slower to 
complete with family responsibilities and all.LOL  I know I will soon be able to devote 
more full time to my own endeavors once again in the near future.  My children also love 
to create art with a passion and it is wonderful to see their unique vision unfold and take 
form on canvas.  They are all homeschooled so I feel they have retained a unique 
outlook and vision to their world. I have notebooks full of ideas and half 
completed drawings to one day complete on canvas for myself.  I have one painting I am 
working on right now for myself and I go back and forth between illustrating a book in 
progress for someone else, directing my children and my own work.  This is my first book 
illustration job and I am learning a lot and I love it because I get 
to do artwork! yea!  
Looking forward to seeing what you do next!
Have a wonderful day.
Much love,
Deanna in Texas

Hi John,
WOW - your work is excellent!!  I really enjoyed seeing how you started and the finishing was very impressive.  
Thanks for sharing that John - you are certainly very talented.  

I am focussing a lot more on art now - buying new paint brushes...I can hardly wait to get 
started when I buy a new canvas next week!  
Many cheers, Dianne

Excellent job!..very inspirational..Have you ever considered writing a book decribing some
of your techniques

Your artwork is beautiful. We need to get art back into Arts High School. 
I understand there are only 18 art students at the school. I was an art major
who graduated in '63 and I am appalled that there are so few art students in Arts High.

Well i seem to enjoy your creativity of this typical or common day phenomenon.
it is excellent however i would definetely like to see you produce  one of a mushroom 
plantation. up to that challenge?

Interesting piece - Ape/Man.  Don't know that I've seen anything quite like it.

Your email on a painting email group brought me here. You do awesome work. 
I know nothing about pen/ink drawings and was amazed that you "dot" the drawing! 
I love your man, but couldn't see the last wasn't downloaded. 
I got those "dreaded" white boxes with little red 'x's!

Love the Ape Man.Looking forward to your other groups.Love ART.
Richard have great talanted.

A very good art work!!!

Hi John -- I'm a member of the
acraftbizconnection email group and I've been checking in on this ape man from time 
to time as he grew.  I just want to tell you that I particularly like the way you've set up 
the different uses of pastels with black & white. 
That plus the fact that you centered the man in
the picture makes the picture seem like both parts of it are equally important.  
I really, really like this one and I'm looking forward to Cobra Man.
Shana Coontz

What a wonderful talent you have and how perfectly you create from a 
few lines to a completed concept.
I am very impressed with your work, your style and what you are doing.
You are an inspiration to me to get moving..
Wonderful art John. The final is stunning...
Thank you for sharing it.

Absolutely beautiful!.....wonderful!
Judie Burge

Your completed drawing of "the ape man" elicits the following thoughts:
There is a look of wonderment and innocence in the ape that contrast with the lines 
drawn by the years of hardship, worry, experience, deprivation and tiredness of the man.
Looking at the drawing at a distance, one wonders: Is the man the dream of the ape? 
Or is the look of wonderment provoked by the recollection of his encounter with the man? 
The color evokes the present, the black and white drawing, the past, a dream or a thought.
A punctuated statement.

im glad to hear that you finished your picture.

Hi John,
 This is wonderful- as is your entire series of human-animal drawings. 
Thank you for sharing the link! Unfortunately, it took almost four minutes for 
your page to load- I have a 56k connection, and I was losing patience toward the end... ;) 
Could you possibly resize the images to 25k or less.. or just send the final image via email?
 Thanks again for letting us have a look,
 Best Regards, Nora

Hi John!
Thanks for sharing your beautiful (as always!) work with us! I'm sorry I've
been busy again lately, and working my way back to everything (again!) --
otherwise, hope all is well, and wanted to thank you again for putting my work
on your guest artist page too! Looking forward to seeing your next drawing!
Take good care and talk to you soon!

That's a fascinating drawing, John, and it's beautifully done.
I'm wondering why you chose to depict the ape in color and the man in 
black and white. For me it makes the ape seem more real and fully 
fleshed-out than the man.

Nice one, John. This one seems a little different to your others.


Hi John,
This is a great piece :)
I really like the step by step approach you are showing...
I've shown your site to my son, hopefully to help in his technique...he;s not
been drawing much lately, mainly doing photoshop manipulation, 
but he is starting to get quite good...
You're an inspiration :)

It was so much fun watching them take shape. Your finished product is a very moving, 
beautiful piece of art. Congratulations! Thanks again for sharing your WIP with us.

Thanks John you keep in touch with us sharing your excellent artwork. 
Congratulations. Im going to visit the site about you talk. Thanks a 
lot for your interest for.
hugs and same to you

You draw beautifully.
Peggy Carlan

I have enjoyed the series and thank you
so much for sharing your talent and techniques...
Lorraine M. Purviance

Oswaldo forster

I went to your website and I am just absolutely speechless.  
You are amazing!  Awesome!  My mouth is just hanging open.  
I can only imagine your joy you feel when you are creating.  
Can't wait to see more.

I can always count on your brilliant artwork to jumpstart my brain.  
Every time I look at one of your creations, it reminds me of why I wake up 
and try to be an artist everyday.  You are an inspiration and a real treasure!
Peace, art, and atomic love,
Rachelle Rose
Without a doubt, you deserve the Clever Grasshopper award!
Peace, art, and atomic love,
Rachelle RoseHai friend.
It is allready a few years back that we have met. 
Still, and we know eachother now for 33 years, 
you’re the best and your work the best i’ve ever seen.
JohanDear J.B.,
Your Iguanaman and apeman drawings are beautiful.
And your placing them step by step is a real eye
opener. I am deeply impressed and I,m sure many
more people will be. Good luck on your quest in
the realm of art.
Amit, the humblest artist on Earth.

Hi John,
This looks very interesting and am eagerly looking forward to your next

hey John... how many creatures and people are you
going to illustrate for this theme? 

It's nice to see you do "Stippling" (the dots) I learned that in Commercial Art 
in high school. It was everyone's favorite way to
shade things in when using pen 
and ink (Crowquill pen and India ink). Yes, the work is tedious but it comes out 
very nicely when you're finished.
~~Bobbie Colegrove
How are you Mr. Baselmans!!!
In this e-mail i want to say how great are your works!!!
i'm an amateur in pastel but little by little i'm the right way :-))
it's only for tell you that your work is wonderful!!!
Thank you!!

Hi John,
I just went through your site and I have to say - very impressive work!!
And since I am particularly fond of iguanas, that picture is just fabulous!
You did an awesome job of capturing that iguana in the image!
Your faces are just wonderful too.
I can't wait to see your ape man finished.  Terrific start!
Perhaps you've been asked this before but I am curious, how many hours would
you say, on average, that you put into a piece?  Also, are you using ink
"markers" or do you use the kind of ink pens that you dip into bottled ink?
Again - just fabulous stuff!  Thanks for sharing.
Take care,
. . . Kim

Looks interesting John. Looking forward to watching the process again.

Really lovely work, John. I like how you show every step - great tutorial.

Oh man Your work is unbelievable! 
I am inspired I only hope someday I can do the same .
I belong to the yahoo group American artist. I am not really trained...
I have always painted and drawn.
my website is new but you can see some of my work on the group 
or website
Wow! Your drawings are amazing!

Your artwork is really extraordinary, excellent, very well congratulations
from Caracas-Venezuela (South America)
Consuelo Moros

Your art is always welcome here. I am a frequent visitor to your 
website because it is so good. 
Thanks for taking the time to let us know of your latest art.
Lenny Tatara

I personally appreciate the effort you take to present your drawing
techniques step by step! Thanks for sharing your love and talent for art.
Your enthusiasm is contagious.
My thanks goes to everyone else who shares with this group too!

Hi John and you are welcome for those comments. It is not everyday                    
we get an artist that shows us his work in progress steps. 
Who do you use for your subjects?

Very nice, John. Thanks once again for sharing with us.
We are inspired by you! Am still working my way through
"Drawing On The Right Side of the Brain," by Betty Edwards.
Have been sketching a little, but nothing to share online.
Best wishes!

These look great. I really lik ethe work in progress, the Iguana man- the
eyes. I like how you start with the eyes. Your work is phenomenal!


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